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Oh, hello again!  I have been so so shit at Tuesday With Moi-ing lately.  This is largely due to the fact that I’ve been rushing through my Indefinite Leave to Remain paperwork/bits and bobs so I can stay in the country.  This involved a week of cramming for my Life in the UK test (which I totally over-prepared for) and a week of freaking out about whether or not I had enough paperwork saved to prove that I lived in the country with David for the past two years (sadly, maintaining a weekly blog doesn’t count as proof).

Somehow, everything came together and yesterday I was granted Indefinite Leave to Remain here in the UK and I don’t need to touch another immigration form for a very long time!  (I think… I should maybe double-check that, though?) Fa-la-la, yay!

Back to TWM– last Tuesday was the day after I passed my Life in the UK test and subsequently the morning after my celebratory cocktail evening.  The stress of pulling all my paperwork together was about to set in, but I gave myself one day of sport, food, friends and wine before worrying too much about it. This is that day.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

TWM.June24.14.9I bought David some badass new cookbooks a few weeks ago and it was the best decision of my life. Seriously, he’s been making something mighty fine every night for dinner and I’m the luckiest lady in the world because I haven’t had to lift a finger!

TWM.June24.14.10Tragedy of tragedies, I was all out of coffee so stopped for my morning brew at The Velo House.

TWM.June24.14.11Excellent news: I finally figured out what my jade plant needs: water! Maybe that’s obvious to others, but I thought this bad boy only needed, like, two drops of water a month or something. WRONG! It needs more water than that. Now that I’m simulating a mini rainstorm for it every week, it’s in a much better place!

TWM.June24.14.12These dresses in the Isabella Grace window make me want to get married all over again. Swooooooooooon!

TWM.June24.14.13For lunch, it was a quick trip back to The Velo House with my tech shaman, Justin.

TWM.June24.14.14After lunch, I went home to watch Federer’s Wimbledon match. Being your own boss is awesome like that.

TWM.June24.14.15Le Chat tried to steal my attention away from the tennis but she wasn’t very successful. (She was very cute, though.)

TWM.June24.14.16After the match, I went back to the office and watched my officemate build some new furniture.  He didn’t F around with that little IKEA wrench thing– he went for the power tools instead.

TWM.June24.14.17And the furniture was made in no time. Hello, new desk chair!

TWM.June24.14.18Aaaaand then it was back to The Velo House to watch England’s final World Cup match on their big screen.

TWM.June24.14.19Which was, I’m sorry to say, so boring, so we left to come home and watch something more entertaining instead: The Good Wife.

TWM.June24.14.20David made a beautiful pasta dinner inspired by one of the recipes in his new cookbook.

TWM.June24.14.21And we enjoyed some wine.

TWM.June24.14.22Whilst I worked on some introductory branding concepts for a client. Being your own boss sometimes means that you just don’t know when to turn off. (And yes, that’s totally a picture of Frodo. I like to sneak my LOTR obsession in wherever I can.)

TWM.June24.14.23And then, after so much good food and so many thoughts, David convinced me to fully switch off so we could go to bed.  THE END.

Tuesday With Moi

Tuesday, May 13, 2014 

TWM.May13.14.8Scrolling through Instagram with a coffee in bed and missing the homeland so so badly.

I woke up yesterday morning and boy oh boy was I sore! Since starting my 30 Days of Fitness, I’ve been very much into the Yoga Studio App and have been practicing with a selection of classes on my no-run days. The class I did on Monday kicked my ass.  Or, more specifically, it kicked my back which was so so so sore!

TWM.May13.14.9I’ve really sucked at eating breakfast at, like, breakfast time this week.

TWM.May13.14.10Exciting news!! The passion project I started with Liam, Artists Unveiled, is featured in the new art-inspired issue of Kudos!  If you can’t get your hands on a copy, you can read it here.  We collaborated with the wonderful Matt Harquail (remember Matt?) and the Kudos Fashion Editor on their Love Fashion feature, too.  Check it out from page 28. So exciting!!

TWM.May13.14.11Yesterday was a crazy day. One minute it was all blue skies and the next it was dreary. This is the divide.

TWM.May13.14.12Death Part I: My jade almost died when I was on holiday. When I came back, her leaves were all mushy and weird. I think she’s on the up-swing though. She’s looking better. (Someone, help! Mom?)

TWM.May13.14.13Sorry, I just can’t help myself… So excited about this Kudos feature!

TWM.May13.14.14Death Part II: Around 1:30, I went home for lunch and ate some leftover Indian food. After said Indian food was finished, I was still hungry so I made myself two boiled eggs. I don’t know why, but for some reason, whilst eating the eggs, I had a *danger* flash.  They didn’t taste or smell bad, I just had a feeling that something was up.  When I looked at the egg carton, I noticed that the eggs had expired in February.  FEB. RU. ARY.

Naturally, I texted this photo to David and was all like “OMG ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME?!”

TWM.May13.14.15Then I had a meltdown and spent too much time swivelling around in my office chair, waiting for massive diarrhoea and vomiting to start and then for the dehydration to set in, which would eventually lead to death.

TWM.May13.14.16But just as I was on the cusp of dying of egg poisoning, my friendly fresh veg delivery people  who I buy my eggs from told me some crazy news: They recycle their egg cartons!  I love recycling and I love eggs. Suddenly my symptoms all went away and I felt fine. It was so weird! 

TWM.May13.14.17Thanks to my remarkable recovery, I was able to keep my coffee date with Matt.  (Remember Matt? Again?) We went to my new favourite between-my-house-and-office cafe, The Velo House. Matt ate a pink cupcake and I had a chocolate croissant because I am a man. Or more of a man than Matt, anyway.


TWM.May13.14.18To work off my chocolate croissant, I enjoyed a short (but very enthusiastic) walk home. Full disclosure: I did not work out yesterday.  In fact, yesterday was the first day on my 30 Days of Fitness challenge that I didn’t make time to exercise. Why? Because I could hardly bend over and thought that it was probably better for me to just do some passive stretching throughout the day rather than over-exert myself and wind up with an injury. Injury prevention… that’s a type of fitness, right?!

TWM.May13.14.19After stopping at home to catch up with all the Beyoncé drama, I walked over to Liam‘s to drop off some Perk & Pearl coffee I had for him. On the way, I got caught in a rain storm (that’s fitness, right?!). And then I saw this rainbow which made the whole thing worth it.

TWM.May13.14.20Liam and Nick just finished all the seasons of Breaking Bad and now they feel like they’re living for nothing. Know the feeling? Personally, I remember it well. I would’ve kissed up to a Heisenberg coffee mug to console my sadness at the time, too.

TWM.May13.14.21After ditching my work husband for the night, I went home to my real husband. He was lovely and adorable in his Christmas pyjamas. PLUS, he made me a wonderful chicken dinner which had Le Chat very jealous.

TWM.May13.14.22Speaking of Le Chat…

I wish I could say that I went to sleep very early on in the evening, but I didn’t.  Instead, I watched three episodes of douchey Suits with David and then I read tons of stupid comments about Beyoncé and Solange because I am a very deep person. I didn’t photograph those wonderful moments because I didn’t want you to be jealous. You’re welcome.



Tuesday With Moi

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

TWM.May6.14.8Yesterday was exhausting. I was jet lagged and I was sore from my 30 Days of Fitness efforts and I was hungry and I was tired. But I’m happy to be back in the swing of things and am happy to have my plant babies (this is my new basil) with me again.

TWM.May6.14.9I don’t know why, but I don’t do a lot of shopping in the UK. This is probably because time is scarce in my life and I don’t have the time to wander and find what I like. Don’t get me wrong, I have a few beloved boutiques here and there, but generally speaking I’m more apt to hunt something down when I’m in the States (especially when I’m in a familiar city) than I am in the UK.  Long story short (why am I even telling this story?), I stumbled upon these shirts at a Banana Republic in Miami and I am obsessed. Like, I’m-going-to-wear-them-until-they-dissintegrate-off-my-body obsessed. The striped one, which is my absolute favourite, reminds me of something my dad would’ve worn in the 90s. I don’t know why that’s a good thing when it comes to my very refined personal style (bahahahaa, sorry Dad), but it is. I guess.

TWM.May6.14.10Going away is wonderful because Le Chat is extra affectionate whenever we come back and if there’s one thing that I love, it’s knowing that I am loved and from what I understand, this doesn’t always happen with cats. But because Le Chat is an extra-special cat, for about a week after we return from a big trip she always becomes my shadow.  I can’t turn around without her charging at me with this exact look on her face. It makes me feel loved, which makes me feel happy. And only sometimes annoyed.

TWM.May6.14.11Someone once told me (I think a teacher is the someone in question, so what I’m about to say must be true) that an apple will wake you up just like a cup of coffee will. Yesterday, I had a cup of coffee and  an apple and you know what? I was still tired.

TWM.May6.14.12Mint water, from what I understand (or don’t understand) does not have any ‘waking’ qualities. I drank many cups of this, too, and I still felt very tired.

TWM.May6.14.13And even though I would have rather taken a nap for half an hour, I instead put on my gross old socks and some shorts and did some core and arm exercises. Why? Because I committed to 30 days of fitness and I’ll be damned if I don’t succeed! (Also because exercise usually makes me feel more awake but in this instance it just made me more tired.)

TWM.May6.14.14Speaking of exercise, this morning, my friend Ed (remember Ed?) and I signed up to run the Brighton Half Marathon next February. !!!!!!!!!!!!

I know, I’m pretty freaked out about it too. So what does the half marathon have to do with this photo? Nothing, really, except that it’s my new chilli plant that Ed gave to me last weekend. I can’t wait to see what colour the chillies turn out to be!

TWM.May6.14.15By this point in the afternoon, I was exhausted. Coffee, apples, exercise! They all failed me. I had nowhere else to turn, so I closed my eyes and called upon the powers of Queen Bey to guide me through the darkness.

TWM.May6.14.16That didn’t really work, either, so I just stared into my computer monitor (which was asleep!) and daydreamed of happier times

TWM.May6.14.17Miraculously, despite my sleepiness, I somehow made it to a train station and onto a train where the thought occurred to me that people who commute must be even more tired than I was in my current state. We’ve all seen them, commuters asleep on the train with their mouthes open and their necks rolling forward and then snapping back up, rolling forward and then snapping back up, rolling forward….

I could never be a full-time commuter, but boy oh boy can I fall asleep on a train!

TWM.May6.14.18So why was I on a train? Because I was travelling to sevenoaks to attend West Kent Networking‘s most recent event at The Chequers in Sevenoaks.  Last night, we collaborated with WKN to feature the art of local artist (and my step-son), Tom Cox, who is an apprentice tattoo artist at Life Family Tattoo, also in Sevenoaks.


Tom’s work can usually be found on my walls, not on my arms, but last night we were projecting his illustrations onto bodies, à la a digital tattoo.

TWM.May6.14.20Like this!  And like this and this, too.  (By the way, the lady in this photo is named Hollie Mackenzie and her wooden sculptures are super good! I only met her last night but I can already tell that she’s super rad and totally talented.)

TWM.May6.14.21After networking with new and old acquaintances alike, Liam and I were off to see the Tunbridge Wells Writers!  We have a new exhibition at Mind Your Head Gallery coming up that will feature the group’s Lipschtick project. This is Alison (a very dark Alison… but only because the light was directly on her head and cast her entire front into shadow) and she is one of the brilliant poets who is helping us coordinate the next exhibition. We’ll let you know all the details when we have ‘em!

TWM.May6.14.22And just as the day started with new plant babies, so too did it end.  This is Alison’s brand new aloe plant, which was gifted to her by our fellow writer, Lucy.

After that, I tucked myself into bed for an early night and slept soundly until this morning. I’m no longer exhuasted. THE END.

Thanks for reading and remember, if you ever want to share your day with me (and everyone else, too!), please have a read through the contributor details and get in touch! I’d la-la-la-love to have you!

Tuesday With Moi

I made a rookie error when prepping for last week’s Tuesday With Moi; I forgot to check with my local film processing company, Redbox Cameras, to see how long it takes to develop a roll of film.  Long gone are the days of 1-hour film developing (apparently), so I had to sit tight and twiddle my thumbs until Saturday when it was ready for pick-up.  But!– tragedy of tragedies– I wasn’t ready for pick-up on Saturday, so I waited until today to collect my film and voila! Here it is. Kodak 100 Tmax in black and white.  And you know what?  I think it was worth the wait.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014. 

TWM.April8.14.8David was away in Vegas all last week which meant I woke up alone, the sun shining through my window and my body spread diagonally across our amazing bed. Oh, I haven’t told you about my amazing bed yet, have I? Well, it is ginormous and the frame was made by a talented man named Tom Robinson of Steady-On Designs.  I’m going to borrow one of Liam’s wide-angle lenses at some point to take some photos for a proper post about the bed because it’s really great… But enough about the bed and back to TWM!  With David gone, I woke up extra well-rested. (JK DAVID I LOVE YOU.) (No, but seriously.)

TWM.April8.14.9After having two cups of hot lemon water, I was ready to move onto my latest obsession: Tulsi Tea from Perk & Pearl.  It’s so good.

TWM.April8.14.10After completing some work, I was wandering around the flat in my towel post-shower and was trying to decide what to wear. I had three meetings scheduled around town and I needed an outfit that would suit all of them. Conundrum!

By the way, my eldest step-son, Tom, is an apprentice tattoo artist at Life Family Tattoo in Sevenoaks and painted that cool crow on the left.  His work is really cool and if you’re braver than me and want a tattoo/like tattoos, give him a follow/contact him on instagram!

TWM.April8.14.11My first meeting of the day was with the ridiculously talented illustrator/puppet maker/artist, Jessica Exall. Liam and I are so so lucky to meet a number of incredibly talented artists through Artists Unveiled, and Jessica is one of them. Her work is enchanting and I was beyond thrilled to have the opportunity to meet with her and page through some of her work– which included two fantastic children’s books and some scribbles that are so good they belong in museums!

TWM.April8.14.12See? Amazing. She and I were meeting on this particular morning for the specific purpose of talking about an upcoming collaboration.  I won’t give it away, but a tapir plays a starring role.  <3

TWM.April8.14.13Whilst with Jessica, my second meeting of the day cancelled on me, so I took the opportunity to stop at The Bicycle Bakery for a coffee and some bread. Jamie also let me watch him make some sausage rolls whilst I was there. And no, that’s not a euphemism.

TWM.April8.14.14After the bakery, it was time to go home and squeeze in a few [much appreciated but unexpected] hours of work. Sometimes people ask me why I don’t work from home all the time and this is why: Le Chat is a needy girlfriend. And she’s jealous. And she sits on my keyboard.


A couple months ago, my basil and cilantro got all dry and weird so I ripped them out of the soil and planted new seeds. And look! Growth!

By the way, if anyone knows of great plant/herb blogs, do point me in their direction… I can keep dessert plants and my bonsai alive but herbs always seem to get weird on me?


Do you guys remember Kimmy Gibbler from Full House? Well, I’m the Kimmy Gibbler of Perk & Pearl. I’m always stopping in like Heeeeeeey, I’m heeeeeeere! and Joe acts like he’s happy to see me, but really he’s giving me this look and is all like, Oh no, here we go.

Joe’s the owner of Perk & Pearl, my favourite place to buy tea and coffee (and chocolate). He’s also the man behind the Mind Your Head Gallery, which Liam and I help curate as Artists Unveiled (we have a new exhibition launching this Wednesday, people!). And okay, maybe he likes me more than Tanners liked Kimmy, but I can promise you that I’m real good at being the annoying American neighbour next door!


Okay, so what was I doing at Perk & Pearl? Well, I was meeting this gent. HI MATT HARQUAIL!  (Remember him?)

TWM.April8.14.18Matt and I were pounding the pavements (ahem, sidewalks) of Tunbridge Wells in search of stylish people to feature on the Fashionista page of Kudos. We saw loads of stylish people whilst we were out, but they were sadly dressed more for winter than they were for spring, so we couldn’t feature them. :( :( :(


So we had a glass of wine and then left, feeling a little dejected after an unsuccessful photo journey.


As I’m rarely left on my own, when I do have the house to myself I turn into a total slob (i.e. more of a slob than normal) and just eat some tortilla chips chased with a few glasses of wine and call it dinner. (Total goop diet, I know…) But on this particular evening, Liam and I were having a very important G.S.D. (Get Shit Done) meeting and he was kind enough to cook me a real meal and give me wine on top of that. #DoubleThumbsUp! To kick the meeting/hang-out sesh off, I finished a post I was working on about not being afraid of new/big opportunities.

TWM.April8.14.21And then we listened to music, went through some photos we took at a wedding the previous weekend, and caught each other up on projects that we’re working on. Liam’s a super-trooper right now and is working full time and is killin’ it on the AU-front, and working on tons of Gradient projects. He’s amazing. I’m so so lucky to be working with him.

TWM.April8.14.22His husband, Nick, is also amazing. On top of having a full-time job and being a badass libertarian in our local council (am I allowed to say that, Nick?), he also writes a great blog, writes for The Huffington Post and is working on multiple novels. As we like to say at Gradient, “Don’t stop get it get it!

TWM.April8.14.23After we talked about work stuff, Liam showed me his newest workout moves.

TWM.April8.14.24And then, after much laughter and a short (but sweet!) Beyoncé sing-along, I wandered home and snuggled into bed with Le Chat.

And that, my friends, is the super-sexy life of a short-term single lady who is doing her best right now to juggle all the balls.  And no, that’s not a euphemism.

Thanks for reading! xx

Tuesday With Moi

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

TWM.March18.14.8I bought these glass mugs a few weeks ago in Brighton at Utility and I’m obsessed. Lemon water has never looked prettier!

TWM.March18.14.9Yesterday was sunny and it made me and Le Chat so so so happy. Plenty of sunny patches to curl up in!

TWM.March18.14.10As I mentioned in my last post, I lost my knitter’s sewing needle (is that what it’s called?) and, as of Tuesday morning, still hadn’t made it to a fabric store to get a new one. Lucille helped me cope with my impatience to finish the sweater by babysitting my knit wool for me. Lucille’s the best!

TWM.March18.14.11My style these days is hovering somewhere between Ellen Degeneres and a 6 year-old boy. I just want comfortable and casual basics with a little bit of luxe, you know? Speaking of luxe, I’ve had this t-shirt since 1999. Up until recently, it was only for sleeping/yoga but lately I’ve been waring it all the time. I guess it’s just reached that magical number of washes that makes it perfect, or something?

TWM.March18.14.12I’m a spoiled brat and have two iPhones right now. Means I can work in double-time like Billy Blanks, yo!

(JK, kinda. I won’t go into the whole debacle, but I’ll soon only have one fully-functioning iPhone and will no longer be a brat. But for now, being a brat is actually pretty fun!)

TWM.March18.14.13For lunch, I walked to brand new The Bicycle Bakery on Camden Road. Remember Jamie from last week’s TWM? Well, this is his place and it smells like heaven!  Like, if I could bottle the scent of The Bicycle Bakery and wear it, I would. And then I’d be like a modern-day Pied Piper and have a brigade of people following me around because I smell so so good! If you’re local and like carbs, be sure to stop in!

TWM.March18.14.14In addition to carb-loading, I also bought the key to all my happiness: A KNITER’S SEWING NEEDLE! With this needle in my hand, I knew that all my dreams were about to come true!

TWM.March18.14.15When I got back to the office, I securely placed my needle in my bag because I never want to lose another important needle ever again.

TWM.March18.14.16Pro Tip: Never leave a freshly made baguette on your desk when you’re trying to work because you’re going to be too distracted by the smell to get anything done. (Thanks, Jamie!)

TWM.March18.14.17The blue hour + graffiti on the way home. See? Tunbridge Wells is so posh, you guys!

Note: this photo was actually taken at 6:00. I only realised after editing all the photos that I definitely forgot an hour somewhere in the afternoon.  As you’ll see, I’ve made up for it later. Ooops?! 

TWM.March18.14.18My favourite always and forever. I’m never buying any other fragrant candle again! Last night, I was burning this beautiful candle because my dear friend, Greg, was on his way to visit and I didn’t want our flat to smell like Le Chat when he walked in the door.

TWM.March18.14.19After Greg arrived, we headed to The Mount Edgcumbe for dinner. Since David made me a rare steak and gave me food poisoning for our anniversary last month (love you, baby!), I’ve been a little skeptical of beef, so I had the veggie burger last night and you now what? It was marvellous.


Are you ready for this?  It’s time for the great reveal!  THIS IS GREG! Greg is one of our dearest friends. We met in Boston four years ago and became fast friends. He’s one of the most optimistic, kind, and encouraging people I have ever met (he’s Canadian, so, like, obviously) and it was great to have him in Tunbridge Wells for the night!

After dinner, he wanted to go somewhere a little more lively, so we went to Fuggles, which is where this photo was taken.

TWM.March18.14.21And then Liam and Nick joined us, too!

TWM.March18.14.22To make up for the mysterious hour I lost earlier, here’s another photo of Greg. <3 him.

TWM.March18.14.23Greg was jet-lagged and the rest of us were tired (and the bar was closing) so we zoooooooomed home.

TWM.March18.14.24And when we got home, the boys went to sleep and I stayed up to finish my sweater. Which I wore today. And which I love.

And that was my Tuesday.  If you’d like to share your Tuesday (which you should because it’s fun + amazing), have a read of this and get in touch!


Tuesday With Moi

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

On Monday, I had food poisoning and slept for 20 hours. You can read more about the glorious details of my illness over on the Gradient blog, but all you really need to know is that I woke up yesterday feeling alllllmost back to normal, which was awesome.

9I used to read Vogue and eye-roll so hard every time some model-turned-art collector was like “Oh, my moisturiser is life changing, you know?”– Yeah, whatever lady.  But for real, this shiz is the shiiiiiz.  Since moving to the UK, my face has experienced various states of hydration (or lack thereof) and lustre, and this stuff is like smoothing silk directly onto my face. No, it’s like turning my face into silk. And I thought so even before I read the description saying that it’s “liquid silk for the skin”. Forget the fact that this bottle is more than my mortgage, I need it.

10Because it was raining and I hadn’t eaten solid foods for over 24 hours, I decided to take it easy and work from home for the day whilst I experimented with eating toast.

11And eating cereal.

12And drinking lots of tea. This book kept beckoning me to read it but I stood my ground and did not read it. Instead, I worked.

13And Le Chat snuggled at my feet and gave me loving nuzzles of encouragement.  JK, she slept like a little kitty baby.

14Another reason I decided to work from home yesterday is that I had a very busy night ahead of me.  To prepare for this very busy night, I had to run a few errands.  Here I am saying “See you in a few minutes, baby cat. I need to buy cat litter, cat food, and laundry detergent!” Sexiest shopping trip ever? I think so!

15When I returned, I was very tired. So I ate more toast.

16And then I packed my bags and was whisked away in a…

17Rather steamy taxi. To Heathrow!

No, I wasn’t taking a fantastic mini vacation to somewhere tropical.  Instead…

18Instead, I was meeting my parents! They had a long layover on their way home to Minnesota from India and decided to spend the night with meeeeeeee.

Edited to Note: I am so 1,000% my mother’s daughter. Compare this photo with my 14:00 photo.  Go, do it.  See anything similar?  WE. DID. NOT. PLAN. THIS.

19Anyway, we went to the Heathrow Radisson Blu and did what my family does best together: eat and drink.

20Over appetisers and wine, they told me stories about the ministries they visited and are working with.  Ministries that are helping orphans, protecting religious freedoms, and rescuing young girls and women from the sex trade.

21Over dinner, they showed me photos and told me stories that made me laugh but also want to cry. It’s crazy to think that I live my life in various states of awesome when there are so many people living in unfathomably crap conditions (literally and figuratively) all over the world.

22Over whiskey, we talked about how it’s encouraging (and inspiring) to know that there are people out there giving their lives to help save people in need whilst we sit in nice restaurants and moan about slow service.

23But hey! Enough with the existential sad stuff.  My parents! Were in England! And we got to hang out and laugh together for the first time in months!  That was pretty fun.

24Before we settled into our separate hotel rooms for the night, they gifted me this beautiful cashmere scarf from Kashmir.  I shall wear it and think of them often.

And that was my lovely Tuesday.  So fleeting, so sweet.  xx

Tuesday With Moi

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

You guys, today has been one of those days where I haven’t had more than half an hour to do any one thing sooooo it’s gonna be short and sweet, mkay? Great!

8I’ve been knitting. Moss stitch in mossy wool.

9Plant babies. Can’t live without ‘em.

10Eeeeeeek, Gradient business cards! So I guess this means I’m a real person now?

11Had breakfast with one of my favourite people.  Who, you ask?

12This guy, Ed. He looks grumpy here but I swear to goodness gracious, he’s hilarious all the time.

13.1Oh, we’re selling one of our sofas.  I hate it, but you might love it? I dunno. There’s a fold-out bed inside if you’re into that kinda thing.  Let us know? (£200 or best offer. And by best offer, I mean if you’re willing to pick it up I’ll gladly give it to you…)

14Barring my breakfast with Ed, I worked from home yesterday.  It was fun.  This is what my books look like when the sun is shining in England.

15And here’s what more of my books look like when the sun is shining in England.  And some DVDs, too.

16Whilst working from home, I wrote a blog post to explain why we chose the name Gradient and to give you a little more insight into what we do.  #ExcitingTimez

17Whilst my fingers were getting a workout on my keyboard, I thought about doing some Ballet Beautiful (which I also wrote about for Gradient!) but I postponed it because I was still working.

18Now that I’m looking at this photo, I’m like How the hell was it this light out at 6:00 PM? So I’m kinda thinking that maybe I had the time wrong but I’m pretty sure I didn’t so, like, almost summer here or what’s the deal? (Oops?)

19And then (suddenly?!) it was really dark and I was on my yoga mat doing swan arms until my arms felt like they were going to fall off. I had the lights off because my curtains wouldn’t close and I’m obviously too much of a lady to stand in front of an open window doing crazy exercises for everyone  to see.  #TrueStory

20Nothing like exercise to make me hungry… Cauliflower rice, you are my favourite!

21I cooked some beets, too. Bloody beet fingers.

22David and I listened to a BBC program about Richard Hamilton, which was especially interesting as we had just seen some of his work at the Pop Art exhibition at the Barbican over the weekend.

23And then David watched Dexter and I did my internet thing.

24And then, because I was feeling so so so inspired, I dipped my new business cards in some red wine and made a gradient.  WATCH OUT WORLD!

I’m super stoked ’cause I have some great Tuesday With Vous contributors scheduled to post in the next couple weeks. But still, I’m greedy and I want even more contributors, so please read the details and let me know if you’re interested in sharing your Tuesday. I think I speak for all of us (you + me + everyone we know) when I say that we’d love to have you!

Tuesday With Moi

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


I started my morning nesting under my duvet and doing some work whilst the room around me warmed.

After the flat was toasty and I was brave enough to get out from under the duvet, I set up camp in the living room. 10

And then I did some of my new favourite thing: Ballet Beautiful.  I never thought I’d be someone who does workout videos at home but– SURPRISE– I totally am. I love Ballet Beautiful! 11

After a surprisingly elegant and challenging workout, I was reminded that I must start my passport renewal process… But I couldn’t remember my social security number so did some work instead. (But please, someone remind me that I must renew my passport this week. MUST.) 12

By this point, I realised that I still hadn’t made it to the office, so I decided to have a quick lunch (pepper spoons and quinoa) before heading in. 13

Oh, I forgot to mention! I started a new venture called Gradient. We made a video and everything! 14

I’m pretty excited about what we’re doing and am especially excited about our blog! Let’s just call this a practice shot for our first What We Wore Wednesday post.

But anyway, back to work. My new desk is fancy. I have a lock on the drawer to keep my snacks safe and everything! 16

Or, rather, to protect me from the snacks… Hello, cookies.
As I was leaving, the sky was a perfect shade of blue.  So perfect, I couldn’t take the photo in black and white. 18

But the sky was dark by the time I left for Liam‘s.  19

First, we met with our beautiful friend Caro to go over some exciting project plans. 20

And then our lovely friend Ed came over to kick off MOVIE NIGHT! 21

Except movie night turned into laughing and talking…. 22

And then drinking and snacking…
And then Beyoncé video watching night.  After which it was time for bed.

The End.

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Tuesday With Moi: New Year’s Eve

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013. What a year! Already, it feels so long ago.

10Le Chat made many resolutions for 2014. The first is to tweet more. The second is to manicure her paws more regularly, and the third is to overcome her eating disorder. (Sometimes she overeats and gets sick. It’s a problem.) Le Chat’s fourth resolution is contingent on receiving a particular gift; if she does receive said gift, Le Chat would like to learn to use the toilet this year. She thinks it’s far more sophisticated than using a litter box. I couldn’t agree more.

11I’ve said it once and I’ll probably say it a thousand times more as the years come and go, but I can’t help but feel that January 1st is a terrible time to start doing anything drastic and life-changing.  January is bleak. The entire month is essentially a 31-day-long hangover and everything from the weather, to the time the sun sets, and the state of our bank accounts is generally depressing. There are much better days to declare resolutions– birthdays!, anniversaries!, the third tuesday of July! Any day except January 1st.

12I mean, the only pressure I want to feel on the morning of January 1st is that of a duvet atop my sleeping body.  And maybe Le Chat curled on my feet. You know?

13But all that resolution stuff aside, the real conundrum of the season is that I never know when the time is right to take down my Christmas decorations.  It doesn’t feel right to get rid of them before the New Year, but if I don’t do it soon I just know I’ll have them up until February…

14Turns out my rule is this: if the garland still smells nice, leave it for a while longer.  And then paint your nails and use your wet nail polish an excuse to not do any decoration clearing at all. Voila! Conundrum avoided.

15The problem with waiting for the rain to clear is that sometimes it never does. In these cases, you just have to be brave and lace up your boots and pretend to be an American pioneer venturing out into the wilderness to feed your family. Assuming the families of American pioneers needed coffee, booze and chocolate truffles, of course…

16True story: New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day are the two nights out of the entire year where you will never, under any circumstances, find me in a bar, pub, or restaurant.

17Why? Because on New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day, the world is full of people with expectations. On these two nights, fate hangs in the stars and people will their destinies to change. Personally, I don’t pay to spend time in tight quarters with people who are frantic for something exciting to happen. It depresses me. I’d rather sit at home with my feet up, thanks.

18Every year, on these two special nights, David and I stay in. This year, I made the two of us a surprisingly delicious dinner. Isn’t it great that we can eat avocados year-’round in England?! Avocados in December– it truly is a great time to be alive!

19After dinner, we opened a nice bottle of wine.

20And then David did some party tricks. It was wild!

21After lighting some candles and putting the chocolate truffles out, our friends arrived.

22And, as they were our hostages until midnight, we forced them to play Settlers of Catan with us.

23They were good sports but I was the winner. Twice.

24And then it was time for kisses and toasts to a New Year.

25But nothing changed or felt any different. And it was still raining. Obviously.

26After our friends left, David and I poured ourselves cups of Detox tea, settled in for an episode of Dexter, and then slipped into a beautiful sleep knowing we didn’t have to do anything the following day.

And just like that, January was welcomed in the laziest, cosiest, most wonderful way. I think it’s going to be a great year!

Tuesday With Moi

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


I’ve been ordering my produce from a great company called Simply Veg for just over a month now. What I like about Simply Veg is they feel like a CSA in that they bring us a box of ever-changing veg once per week, but I can opt-in and, more importantly, opt-out whenever the service doesn’t suit our needs.  As is the nature of a local food drop-off, sometimes you wind up with an awful lot of one thing and right now that one thing is onions. I have a loads of onions and have been putting them in everything– roasts, eggs, pasta, you name it… ONIONS.  I probably don’t smell very good but my tummy sure is happy!


To follow Doctor’s orders, David’s been taking it easy at home lately.  Whilst rest and recuperation are very important after last week’s episode, truth be told, I think he was going a little stir crazy so I was thankful he decided to go back to work today. Slobbing on his lonesome is so not David’s style…


My friends at Kudos have a new issue out! I love their Handmade Christmas feature and really love our latest Artists Unveiled ad being amongst its pages.  Be sure to get your hands on a copy if you live local & love local!


I have a bunch of twine on my desk for a client project right now.  Frayed and rough, I love the way it feels like the country in my hands.


An apple or two a day keep the doctor away… except when you smother them with peanut butter like I do!


I’ve been looking for a new lamp and have come to the conclusion that most lamps are either complete rubbish or totally impracticable. Or a bijillion pounds! Ideally, I’m looking for something classic but forward-thinking.  Something that makes a statement but isn’t obtrusive.  Something that uses bulbs that omit a soft, warm light that doesn’t make my pores look huge.  Essentially, I’m looking for something awesome.  I took Nick and Liam’s recommendation and started looking on eBay but I found the offering rather uninspiring.  I don’t go to eBay to buy second hand Ikea crap, you guys! I want the crazy stuff you find in your grandmother’s basement!  What I’m trying to say is this: I think I need to start antiquing.  (Do you say that in England, ‘antiquing’?  If not, you need to adopt it ASAP ’cause it’s a super great verb!)


Voila– a peek at a print project for a client. The blue hour is such a magical time of day, no?


Our office has been doing a series of seminars to give each of us time to educate the others about what we do all day– other than crack jokes and drink too much tea, I mean. Yesterday was my turn.  I wandered down to Create DM, who are gracious enough to host the seminars, and begged them for a little liquid enthusiasm before I started my talk.  Coffee will always be my first love


The Create DM guys were sooooooOOOooo interested in my talk and asked lots of great questions. Questions like, “Why don’t you comment more on our blog?” and “Can we go now?”


For some reason, the early darkness of winter seems more extreme and less bearable with each passing year.  When I was a teenager, my mom bought one of those Happy Lights to help her manage her seasonal depression. At the time, I didn’t understand why anyone would need such a thing, but now that I’m older and time seems to go so quickly, I completely understand. It’s quite difficult to feel energised and productive when the world is cold and dark around you…


But luckily, that’s what alcohol is for! After my riveting presentation, Justin and I walked from the office to our local watering hole to brainstorm some new ideas for this site (yay!) and some other projects I’m working on (YAY!).


And our spirited conversation about life! work! plans! continued on and on and that was great.


Until finally, David pulled at my sleeve and asked if we could please leave because he had a heart attack last week and is very tired thank you very much!  Obviously, I obliged. It was cold outside. You could smell the coming frost.


Once home, we put on our comfy clothes and watched the most recent episode of Downton Abbey.  I know, I know! I can’t believe I still watch it, either. But at least I’m not watching Homeland anymore…


After the episode finished, David went to bed and I stayed sitting on the sofa, reflecting.

And that, my dear, was my Tuesday. Fascinating, I know, but at least nobody had a heart attack…  Bisous!

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