I’m Back


I’ve started writing this post so many times. So. Many. Times.

One version is a very introspective look at how David’s heart attack has made all my clocks start ticking: my Be A Successful Businesswoman by the Time I’m 30 Clock, my New House Clock, and my (gulp) Mommy Clock* and how that’s made me re-evaluate how we spend our time and money.

Another version is a light-hearted tale about metamorphosis in which my blog hiatus was cocoon time that has allowed me to quietly transform. But don’t be alarmed, I’m not turning into a butterfly! I just have big changes going on at Gradient– which you can read about here– that are rapidly pushing us forward.

The third and final version is a story of how broken and frustrating the immigration services are in this country– and this version is definitely the tale that nobody wants to hear but that I’ve told to all my friends in the pub whether they want to hear it or not. But I’ll spare you, dear reader. I’m kind like that.


So, all the stories aside, I withdrew for a while. I needed a break. In the time since I last checked in I:

  • Travelled to Minnesota for the 4th of July and for my brother’s wedding!
  • Encouraged my friend and business partner, Liam, to quit his job to work at Gradient full-time
  • Went to Swanage for a seaside retreat with Liam, Nick and my Redcoat
  • Re-evaulated my entire business/life plan and started to be more proactive about accomplishing my goals and making cool shit under our Gradient umbrella
  • Had my dear friend Kate come to visit from Switzerland
  • Got super stressed about everything, basically


But I’m very happy to report that yes, the rumours are true. I will be back to TWM and TWV. In fact, we (Liam and I) will have a pretty special TWM (Tuesday With Nous?) coming later this week.

I’m looking forward to sharing with you again, dear reader. Onward and upward! xx

*I want a dog

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