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Oh, hello again!  I have been so so shit at Tuesday With Moi-ing lately.  This is largely due to the fact that I’ve been rushing through my Indefinite Leave to Remain paperwork/bits and bobs so I can stay in the country.  This involved a week of cramming for my Life in the UK test (which I totally over-prepared for) and a week of freaking out about whether or not I had enough paperwork saved to prove that I lived in the country with David for the past two years (sadly, maintaining a weekly blog doesn’t count as proof).

Somehow, everything came together and yesterday I was granted Indefinite Leave to Remain here in the UK and I don’t need to touch another immigration form for a very long time!  (I think… I should maybe double-check that, though?) Fa-la-la, yay!

Back to TWM– last Tuesday was the day after I passed my Life in the UK test and subsequently the morning after my celebratory cocktail evening.  The stress of pulling all my paperwork together was about to set in, but I gave myself one day of sport, food, friends and wine before worrying too much about it. This is that day.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

TWM.June24.14.9I bought David some badass new cookbooks a few weeks ago and it was the best decision of my life. Seriously, he’s been making something mighty fine every night for dinner and I’m the luckiest lady in the world because I haven’t had to lift a finger!

TWM.June24.14.10Tragedy of tragedies, I was all out of coffee so stopped for my morning brew at The Velo House.

TWM.June24.14.11Excellent news: I finally figured out what my jade plant needs: water! Maybe that’s obvious to others, but I thought this bad boy only needed, like, two drops of water a month or something. WRONG! It needs more water than that. Now that I’m simulating a mini rainstorm for it every week, it’s in a much better place!

TWM.June24.14.12These dresses in the Isabella Grace window make me want to get married all over again. Swooooooooooon!

TWM.June24.14.13For lunch, it was a quick trip back to The Velo House with my tech shaman, Justin.

TWM.June24.14.14After lunch, I went home to watch Federer’s Wimbledon match. Being your own boss is awesome like that.

TWM.June24.14.15Le Chat tried to steal my attention away from the tennis but she wasn’t very successful. (She was very cute, though.)

TWM.June24.14.16After the match, I went back to the office and watched my officemate build some new furniture.  He didn’t F around with that little IKEA wrench thing– he went for the power tools instead.

TWM.June24.14.17And the furniture was made in no time. Hello, new desk chair!

TWM.June24.14.18Aaaaand then it was back to The Velo House to watch England’s final World Cup match on their big screen.

TWM.June24.14.19Which was, I’m sorry to say, so boring, so we left to come home and watch something more entertaining instead: The Good Wife.

TWM.June24.14.20David made a beautiful pasta dinner inspired by one of the recipes in his new cookbook.

TWM.June24.14.21And we enjoyed some wine.

TWM.June24.14.22Whilst I worked on some introductory branding concepts for a client. Being your own boss sometimes means that you just don’t know when to turn off. (And yes, that’s totally a picture of Frodo. I like to sneak my LOTR obsession in wherever I can.)

TWM.June24.14.23And then, after so much good food and so many thoughts, David convinced me to fully switch off so we could go to bed.  THE END.