Tuesday With Moi

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Tuesday did not go to plan. So I abandoned the plan.

TWM.June3.14.8David’s left me alone again, this time to go to Shanghai. I always sleep on his side of the bed when he’s gone. I’m romantic like that.

TWM.June3.14.9When David left at the beginning of the week, I thought,Great! I have a whole week to get shit done and kick some butt! But then I accidentally triple booked myself to do All. Of. The. Things. (so so typical) and ended up feeling a little overwhelmed, instead. This peony kind looks how I felt as I looked over my Get It Done list yesterday morning. (Coffee #1 consumed.)

TWM.June3.14.10So I took a deep breath and decided on a strategy: Just put one foot in front of the other. Go where this day takes you.

TWM.June3.14.11Okay so, speaking of stress, my aloe is stressed because she hates sunshine. Everyone else I know keeps their aloe plants on a sunny windowsill and the plant is like Yeah, man, this is my jam! but mine is like, Get me off this windowsill. I’m turning orange.  What’s with that?  So I moved her to the floor. She’ll get better in a few days. This happens all the time.

TWM.June3.14.12Thank God for Apple extension cords, can I get an amen?!

TWM.June3.14.13Just after noon, the walking began. I made my way to the other end of town to meet with some Mac Men for coffee and lunch. We sat outside and experienced all the seasons over the course of two hours. Hot! Cold! Windy! Sunny!  English weather is confusing. That’s why we they talk about it all the time. (Coffee #2 consumed.)

TWM.June3.14.14When the sun came out, we ordered water (mint water! Thanks, Cake Shed!) and counted the iPhones on the table.  There were four. There were only three of us…

TWM.June3.14.15After lunch, I put on my Artists Unveiled/half-marathon training hat and met with Ed. We first made a visit to Perk & Pearl for some coffee and a catch-up.  (Coffee #3 consumed.)

TWM.June3.14.16And then we went to The Black Dog.  (Tea consumed because of coffee overload.)  Ed is reading this rad book he picked up at Oxfam last week. I won’t surmise to know all of the philosophy behind John Holt‘s work, but from what Ed was telling me, the guy was pretty gung-ho about a Libertarian-esque learning idea where teachers could teach what they wanted and the market would dictate what was taught and who was a capable teacher.  I thought the following quote was pretty badass, too, especially because it pretty much sums up my attitude about the Social Media Coaching we offer over at Gradient:

“It must always be the first and central task of any teacher to help the student become independent of him, to learn to be his own teacher. The true teacher must always be trying to work himself out of a job.”

As I see it, if you’re not teaching people to be capable and self-sufficient at what they do, then what’s the point?

TWM.June3.14.17After a brief visit home, I headed out to hang some work at Stefania’s, a one-month old cafe and bakery on Camden Road.


At Stefi’s, we helped Richard Hays take his work down (he’s preparing for his South East Open Studios opening!) and  ogled her breads/cakes/general deliciousness. (Coffee #4 consumed.)


And then we helped Scott Heasmer hang his art in the space.

TWM.June3.14.20The art is very abstract and colourful, which is quite the juxtaposition to Stefi’s more shabby chic aesthetic. Does it work?  Stop in for a slice of cake (and a coffee) and decide for yourself!  (We think it looks pretty rad.)

TWM.June3.14.21After all that art hanging, I was hungry (and a little hangry, to be honest).  Instead of just going home to eat a bowl of popcorn for dinner, Liam forced me to come to his house for a more substantial meal.  I’m forever indebted to the men in my life who make sure I eat balanced meals. They are too good to me!

TWM.June3.14.22The dinner was delicious and we had a great time laughing and planning and sharing whilst we ate.

TWM.June3.14.23Back at home, I settled on the couch for some digestion and internet catch-up.

TWM.June3.14.24And then I took some time to watch Le Chat sit on the window sill.  Le Chat has never been outside and never tries to escape, which fascinates me.  She’s quite content to just sit in our flat and occasionally meow on the windowsill whilst moving her tail back and forth like a metronome. Last night, I watched it move back and forth, back and forth, back and forth until finally, it was time for bed.


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