Tuesday With Moi

Over the weekend, I was hanging out at our Artists Unveiled sound exhibition in the Corn Exchange when a friend came by.  She noted my stuffed up nose and sleepy eyes and then made an observation, “You get ill a lot, don’t you.”  I’d never really thought about it because growing up I was always a hearty Midwesterner and I really didn’t get sick very often.  But since moving to the UK, yes, I do get ill a lot.

David thinks this is because of “The Damp” in the air.  Damp is a thing here.  The Damp.  It lives in walls, it causes chest infections, it chills us to the bone when really, it’s not that cold. But I’m not convinced that The Damp is to blame. I think I might just be softening and becoming a little less hearty now that I’ve been displaced from the good old Midwest for so long.  Or maybe I’m just a whiner. Whatever the reason, fact remains that yesterday was a sick day.  And today was one, too.

TWM.May27.14.8I’m loving my morning strawberry harvest.  I love waking up every morning and seeing how many strawberries have ripened over night! The idea of growing my own food is getting more and more appealing and I’m yearning for a garden the way some people yearn for babies. GIVE ME PLANT BABIES, PLEASE!!

TWM.May27.14.9I bought these beauties at Darling & Wild last week and it’s been a pleasure watching them slowly unfurl from tight little knots into beautiful, loose blossoms.  I firmly believe that fresh flowers make for a happy home and peonies will never cease to put a smile on my face. Even when I’m dying on the coach. 

TWM.May27.14.10I was out of almond milk so I popped to the grocery store to get some– and to also buy a big huge box of tissues. This is me rockin’ my Kathleen Kelly sick at home in a trench coat look. Those pockets are great for carrying a million tissues!!

TWM.May27.14.11Tea time all day loooooong.

TWM.May27.14.12Remedy me.

TWM.May27.14.13The French Open through Wimbledon is one of my favourite times of year. There’s no better soundtrack to a day than that of tennis balls firing back and forth across a court. And there’s no better eye candy than Roger Federer.

TWM.May27.14.14Lunch. The more something looks like a pizza, the more I’m going to love it. I’ve been really good at feeding my cold. Like, really good. Now that 30 Days of Fitness is temporarily off the table, I’m probably going to turn into Jabba the Hutt in no time.

TWM.May27.14.15So many beverages and so much kleenex.

TWM.May27.14.16Outside lurked THE DAMP. This whole week, THE DAMP. I swear, I could write a horror story about it.

TWM.May27.14.17And The Damp and all the tissues were too much for me, so I decided to take a nap.

TWM.May27.14.19After I woke from my nap, I hustled down to Fuggles for a meeting. For a few hours, I put my game face on and talked all things branding, strategy, and planning with an exciting new start-up.

TWM.May27.14.22When I got home I was drenched in THE DAMP so I took some time to dry off on the couch while David flirted with Le Chat. Le Chat looooves David. It’s so sweet watching her watch him, sometimes. Then we went to bed.

And then I woke up still sick.

Please feel sorry for me. :(

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