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Tuesday With Moi

 Tuesday, July 30, 2013
Where does time go?


Do you dream, dear reader?  I dream every night with an intensity I that sometimes scares me.  I’ve fallen in love in my dreams, I’ve experienced betrayal, jealousy and anger that I’ve never felt in my waking life, and I’ve been terrified by the images and stories my mind sometimes creates.  Yesterday was particularly alarming, and I awoke paralysed with fear and feeling as if my body was weighed down with lead and my mouth was mute.  My sinuses were throbbing and I felt so sleepy so, after turning off my alarm, I curled into a ball and decided to sleep for “five more minutes”. I woke up two hours later at 9:45 with a head cold and sleepy eyes.  11

A yellow leaf drifted through my window yesterday morning as a breeze blew through the trees outside.  I closed my eyes and I could’ve sworn I was back in Boston, walking through the Public Garden on my way to work, leaves swirling at my feet and a hot coffee warming my hand.  Sometimes it’s the little things– a leaf, the scent of roasting coffee, the way a gust of wind pushes me forward– that makes my heart ache for Boston the most.  David and I booked our tickets to visit at the end of August and I’m so excited to go back! 12

Sick.  And sleepy.  I’m incredibly lucky that I can work from home on days when I feel unwell, but I sometimes wish I had the ability to just call in sick.  ”Can’t come in, can’d do anything, feel like crap.” is not something I’m able to say in my position.  So instead, I put on my big girl panties and soldier on.  But only after I lay on my yoga mat and cry for a little while.

And then I soldier on, with some green tea and snotty loo roll as company. (Loo roll. Isn’t that so much cuter than “toilet paper”?) 14

Feed a cold, starve a fever.  Over the weekend, David and I visited his brother in Cambridge and stopped by the Gog Magog Hills Farm Shop (which is adorable) and stocked up on all kinds of goodies.  Suffice to say that we’re eating extra well this week and I happily loaded myself up with greens and goodness before slipping into a brief and necessary nap.  15

But even after a little shut-eye, I felt as droopy as my Norfolk Island Pine, which I repotted this weekend.  As I repotted it, I accidentally broke the little support beam that keeps it upright, so I guess I should go out in the woods and find a stick to replace it with.  Or a kebab skewer or something.  I dunno.  I kinda suck and keeping my plants alive and healthy, you guys.  It’s sad. 16

I’m also kind of crap at keeping my computer alive.  Yes, my friends, the inevitable is happening Methuselah’s power cord has stopped working.  My poor sweet Macbook, with whom I’ve had my longest and most intimate relationship, is slowly but surely dying.  Piece by piece, little by little.  But I’m not going to quit Methuselah yet! Oh no! Though maybe soon… :(  17

I love Le Chat.  Even when I’m feeling very small in a world that is very big and my computer is breaking and I’m tired, so tired, she’s right there for cuddles and nose nuzzles.  I’m so pleased we brought her with us on this English adventure.  I’m so pleased she’s so cute and little and loves me. 18

To address my earlier point about keeping plants alive, David’s son’s money tree died whilst in our care (oops).  It rotted, to be specific, and though it was living in our house, I technically do not feel responsible for its death.  However, we still feel kinda bad, so David researched how to save it from complete and total death and it turns out you can actually plant one of the branches (leaf things?) in soil and it will grow anew.  I’m not holding out too much hope, but I’d love for it to work.  Just so I could brag about something, you know?

After a delicious dinner of farm-fresh sausages and pasta, David and I got ready to attend my friend Liam‘s private viewing party at Art Pull.  Sometimes it is very difficult to decide which shoes to wear.  You feel me?

The gallery was packed last night, which was fantastic!  This is Liam chatting about his work with someone in an awesome striped blazer.  I haven’t had time to catch up with him yet, but I believe Liam sold a piece last night.  WELL DONE, LIAM!  21

After I wilted in the Art Pull gallery (seriously, it was so marvellously crowded!), David and I stopped in a pub for a chat and drink.  He’s been working a lot lately and needs to get out of the house to relax and distance himself from everything he needs to do.  We both do, to be honest, and it’s important for both of us that we’re able to sit across a table from each other and talk about normal things like, well, work and how work is stressing us out.  Ha. 22

After our decompression time was done, we paid the tab, checked our teeth in the shiny reflective  bill tray, and headed home. 23

Despite the fact that I was exhausted, we stayed up to watch an episode of Orange is the New Black before going to bed. Now I know you’re all like, But I thought you were sooooo tired and whiny and wanted to go to sleep, but instead you went to a pub and stayed up watching television?! and my answer is this: red wine has lots of antioxidants in it and you can never be too tired to watch OITNB.  Seriously, if you’re watching it, you’ll know that it’s like crack.  Your body’s telling you to go to sleep, but your brain is like BUT WHAT’S GONNA HAPPEN TO PIPER?! It’s not ideal, but it is what it is.

And that, dear reader, was my Tuesday.  How was yours?  How are YOU? I know I’ve been a lazy sharer lately, but look forward to tomorrow’s post where I share some behind the scene’s photos of local artist Ed Liddle‘s studio! I visited it last week with Liam for Artists Unveiled and it’s totally adorable– I think you’re going to love it.  Until tomorrow, xx!

Tuesday With Moi

Tuesday, July 24, 2013


The spell has broken and rain has again returned to England.  The morning was wet, the air smelled of earth, growth, life. 9

I did some baby exercises with my big blue ball.  10Not exercises for baby, just very small exercises.

Then I untangled some necklaces before going to the office. 11

At the office, my officemate and I got lots of important work done.  For one, we chose a few names for the Royal Baby.  Our top contenders are Prince Ogshort Boner Lewis of Cambridge, Prince Comes More of Cambridge, or Prince Robert Rubbish of Cambridge. But knowing the Royals (as I do, intimately) they’ll probably go with something like Edward and be done with it.  Boring! 12

Staying hydrated.  It’s very important, or so I’ve heard. 13

Rainstorm watching whilst trying to catch a breeze. 14

Visiting my friends at Create DM for a little bit of inspiration.  Our inspiration activity was figuring out what the hell “twerking” is (still a little confused, to be honest) and a crash-course in what Storm Troopers are.  Don’t even get me started… 15

Then I spied on the neighbors.  16Nothing interesting.

Yes, I wore my pajamas to work yesterday (but only on the top half!) because I’m a classy and professional lady. Also because it was hot hot hot. So hot!

And here’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for…. Ladies and Gentlemen, Lords and Ladies, may I present his Highness, the Royal Baby, Prince Zealous Stone of Cambridge!  Maybe?

Eventually, I tired of baby watching and switched my attention to rainstorm watching.

But the rainstorm never came and so my glass of rosé and I sweated it out together on the sofa.

And Le Chat was there, too.  I swear to you, the minute I point a lens of Le Chat (who is now on TWITTER!) she yawns.  I could fill an entire wall with pictures of her just like this, yawning with her tongue curled and her cat breath coming out in a stinky stream.  Glamorous.

After a while I decided to pop out for a snack and some more wine but was denied purchase of alcohol as the local grocery store because I supposedly don’t look over 25 (WHAT.EVER.), sooo…

I walked to The Trading Post– where they know me and don’t ID me– to purchase a bottle or red (did you know that they sell take-away bottles of wine?  Because they do.  And it’s awesome.)  Whilst there, I accidentally ran into some friends/colleagues and arranged two business meetings for the following day.  All in all, a productive trip to the pub.

Then I went home and read a blog post that annoyed me.  So naturally I read all the comments to the blog post and got even more annoyed.  And then decided to go to bed, as I had a very early meeting this morning.  La-di-da.

The End.
Thanks for reading!

Tuesday With Moi

Tuesday, July 16, 2013
Birthday Edition


Yesterday was David’s birthday (the celebration of which, as you will soon see, is  responsible for this post’s tardiness) and this is the card I painted for him. I wanted to paint a much nicer design on the tie, but David came home from work early and disrupted my painting the previous night, so I settled for this.  Not my greatest work, I must say, but still made with love.  9

Growing up, I always wanted to have a house that had trap doors and hidden passageways.  Cox Quarters doesn’t deliver on either front (YET), but if you pull our mirror aside a pile of books is unveiled and I guess that’s kinda cool.  But not as cool as a crawl space to a hidden dungeon.

It’s been warm recently.  Not so warm that that I’ve filled a kitty pool with ice and am sitting in it, wearing only a swimsuit, in the middle of the living room, but it’s pleasant in the shade and hot in the sun.  Now that we’re actually having a summer this year, it turns out that I quite like English summers and much prefer them to the humid, swampy heat of Boston, where you would sweat through your clothes slowly walking to work and getting on the T was unbearable June through September. Anyway, all that to say that I finally bought myself a new pair of sandals!  These Chloé beauties I got for a song (does anyone say that anymore, got for a song?) at The Changing Room over the weekend.  I’m liking them very much. 11

Remember when I went to America in May?  No?  Oh, is that because I still haven’t posted any photos from the trip? Well, I went to America in May and visited my family.  During this visit, my mother gave me so. much. pottery.  She’s been taking classes and I guess the stuff just piles up, so she gave some to me.  I really love the shapes of her pieces and her earthy glazes, and I promise to dedicate a whole post to her work soon.  Until that day, enjoy this preview of a candle in one of her bowls.

This is a close-up of the cover of Cereal Vol. 3.  I’ve written about how much I love Cereal before (here and here) but this third volume has blown me away again.  It really is one of the most beautiful magazines I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading and I savour each volume like Charlie savoured his yearly chocolate bar.  The insect photography in this volume is particularly amazing; I urge you to check it out. 13

You know, I really do have the nicest friends.  No matter where I am, I’m just really lucky to fall in with truly fantastic people.  For instance, on the 4th of July, I showed up to my networking breakfast with the Tunbridge Wells Business Network to find that there were American flags and red, white and blue party necklaces on all the tables.  I’m the only American in the group and they went out of their way to make me feel special.  Isn’t that the sweetest?  I still have the flags on my desk and they make me smile as they flutter in the breeze.  So, if you want to network with some great people, follow TWBN on twitter or get in touch and let us know.  We’d love to have you along!

Speaking of local business owners, look at this guy, chilling in his Google glasses (not to be confused with Google Glass), getting a ton of work done.  Rad.

As it was David’s birthday, he decided to treat himself to a midday shopping trip and I decided to help him.  16

And it was on this shopping excursion that a funny thing happened.  As david was trying on clothes in a dressing room, a gentleman walked past me, gave me a look, and then asked, “Lady Katherine?”  Now, because I’m not a real lady, this was quite shocking– for how did a stranger realise that I was, in fact, a lady of the highest made-up degree and should be addressed in public as such?  Turns out the gentleman was none other than Neil Chapman and recognised me from Twitter, where I’d posted a photo of my iconic red shoes.  Long story short, my shoes are famous in Tunbridge Wells.  Also, Neil is a super nice guy.  It’s so fun to make twitter friends real friends, too!

Back in the office, I downloaded the new app Crowsflight by CW&T. I haven’t had a chance to play around with it too much yet, but it seems really cool.  As it turns out, Minneapolis is 4,035.45 miles from me, as the crow flies.  Cool! 18

Also at the office, Lucille now has a hat to wear to help her keep cool in the heat.  Don’t you think it suits her?

And here he is, guys, the birthday boy.  I took him to Thackeray’s for dinner and it was excellent.  20

The service was excellent, the food was excellent, and we had an excellent time! But we always have an excellent time.  Well, almost always. 21

After dinner, we relocated to their terrace and had one of the best cheese plates I’ve ever had.  Seriously delicious.  I highly recommend.  22

And then the light went away and we were left in the dark.  We also, by this point, were joined by some friends to continue the celebration, which was lovely.  23

We laughed and drank and had a merry old time. 24

Until the point where I was like Okay, pack it up, time to go home!  Oh, no, wait.  That wasn’t me who said that, it was the barman at Sankey’s who kicked us out… so that’s why this post is going up so late: because I have a hangover from partying like a teenage last night though, as you can tell from my forehead wrinkles, that I am not a teenager anymore and these old bones need sleep.  Older and wiser?  Maybe one day…

(Edited to note that Liam Rogers, who you may remember from his Tuesday With Vous post, took the last picture of my scowling face.)

Tuesday With Vous: Ellen Fife

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Name: Ellen Fife
Location: London, UK
Occupation: Writer/Photographer
Camera: Nikon N70


Waking up11

The morning routine 12

Leaving the house 13

Writing Time 14

The crane 15

The people at Waterloo Station 16

The lone girl 17

Script meeting with Kes and Karen, actors at Central School of Speech and Drama 18

Charlie after work 19

Beermats in The Harp 20

Holding hands at dinner in China Town 21

Ben and Charlie in Camden 22

The World’s End 23

Camden at night 24

The train home

An enormous thank you to Ellen for sharing her photos with us.  Isn’t film photography the greatest?  So full of character.  Anyway!  Check out Ellen on Flickr, Facebook, & Tumblr, too.

If you’d like to contribute to Tuesday With Vous, check out all the deets here.

Artists Unveiled PRESS

Artists+Unveiled+PressI have glitter everywhere and probably will do for years to come but it’s totally worth it because Artists Unveiled was written up in The Kent and Sussex Courier last week and, ’round these parts, that calls for a celebration and celebrations, from what I understand, include glitter.  If you want to read the article (it’s short, promise), you can do so online here.  If you don’t want to read the article, just visit the Artists Unveiled website and get a taste for who we are and what we’re about.  If you don’t want to do that either, fine. Nobody’s going to force you.

Liam and I have so many ideas to share over the next couple months and we’re thrilled that people are being so lovely about our festival.  I’ll share major developments with you here, but we’ll be regularly updating the AU website with tid-bits, events, and features on local artists, so tune in there if you so desire. And we sincerely hope you do so desire, dear reader, because that would make us very happy and we like being happy. 

Enjoy the sunshine!

Tuesday With Moi

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


I got a pedicure last week and, seeing as I’ll never get the chance to wear sandals in this very cold, miserable land, I thought I’d show off my toes here. Pedicures are strange.  I always expect them to be really relaxing and enjoyable but generally I just find them to be kind of invasive and embarrassing.  Like, I can’t help but feel sorry for the person who has to clean my feet, rub off the dead skin and untangle my toe hair.  I don’t want to do it myself so how dare I have someone else do it, you know?  I guess I just have a weird attitude toward getting pedicures.  This is probably why I only do it about once a year.     10

Peonies really are the greatest flowers.  They’re beautiful when they’re clenched up little buds and they’re gorgeous when their petals unfurl and open.  I just want to bury my noses in them and give them flowery kisses.  That’s weird but love is weird and I can’t help the way I feel.  11

These days, there is much to be done at Lady Katherine Sims HQ.  12

Sargent’s Rehearsal of the Pasdeloup Orchestra at the Cirque d’Hiver is my favourite painting and I always loved visiting it at the MFA in Boston.  It’s nice to have a little postcard of it on my desk but I’m thinking I should make a mini frame to put it in so the elephant doesn’t use it as a rug anymore.13

Never think about how dirty your keyboard is.  Just don’t go there mentally, it’ll terrifying you. My magnifying necklace revealed a terrifying amount of dust and debris.  Very depressing.  14

Something else that’s filthy: my hand mirror!  Enjoy this blurry selfie as I touched up my lipstick.  Gotta keep appearances up for the gents in the office! 15

Speaking of appearances, sometimes we try to doll Lucille up.  Yesterday, we thought about making her a hat but other times we experiment with eye glasses and little jackets for her to wear.  My office-mate, Martin, is thinking about giving her braces but I’m not sure she needs them.   16

Lipstick stain.  Story of my life. 17

Seriously, you guys, I promise that we actually do work at the office… sometimes. 18

After work, Liam came over to whisk me away whilst the wind whisked him away a la Mary Poppins.      19

More flowers but you know, flowers really are lovely.  It’s such a DUH thing to say, but it’s true.  Can you imagine a world without flowers?  I think a world without flowers would be a very somber place, indeed.  20

A world without art would also be quite joyless and dull, don’t you think?  Last night, Louise Giblin‘s body cast sculptures and line drawings brought me much cheer.  If you haven’t seen them yet, I highly recommend you stroll down to Art Pull and have a look.  21

After our art gazing, we walked to The Black Pig and joined the Tunbridge Wells Writers for an evening of too much wine conversation and laughter.  Peter didn’t want his picture taken so I took a picture of the flowers.  As we’ve already established, I think flowers are cheerful and I love being cheerful.  22

Our writing group is growing every week and we’ve collected quite a number of fantastic characters, both real and fictional.  This is Katrina; she makes me laugh.  23

My magnifying glass necklace was a big hit and made us laugh some more.  HA HA HA. 24

And like the three merry little pigs, I laughed all the way home!  Le Chat, however, failed to see the humor in anything last night and gave me a very sever look for being out so late.  Being told off by a cat… such is life.

Anyway, thank you for reading, friends!  Next week, I have Ellen Fife contributing to Tuesday With Vous, which is very exciting because she is an excellent film photographer.  I haven’t actually met Ellen but I’ve stalked her on Twitter and have decided that she is a lovely person, which is great as I only allow lovely people on my blog.  Naturally.  xx