Tuesday With Vous: Samuel Marlow Edition

I met Sam the way I meet most people in Tunbridge Wells, through Twitter.  Shortly thereafter, I met him in real life and immediately, I felt the currents of creativity running off him and asked him to contribute to TWV.  He obliged.  Enjoy his post, visit his website, take a look at his work, and follow him on Twittertoo. 

I’d only known Kate for a few days before she propositioned me to take part in her Tuesday With Vous project.  Her only stipulation was that it should be photographed on a “proper camera”.  I, in turn, agreed on the condition I could shoot film.  The result is that these photos come to you a week later than normal, as I couldn’t find anyone willing to offer me a one-hour photo service at 2 o’clock in the morning!

I took the photos on my lovely old Pentax MX, which was my constant companion through two years at college.  I bought it second-hand from Redbox Cameras (called Adams Photographic at the time) ten years ago when I started college, and this particular camera is older than I am.  One of the reasons I went with it is it is the same camera my Dad owns, so I was already familiar with how to use it.  Olny after leaving college did I add to my collection of lenses with a 28mm (used in a few of the shots here) and others, but for more than two years, the f/1.4 50mm lens the camera came with fulfilled all my photographic needs.

Of late, though, I have had less time to use it, and with everything else I carry around I have taken to leaving it at home.  It was lovely, then, to be “forced” to use it for Kate’s project, and I feel the urge to try to carry it with me again.  As I had to use up all 36 exposures on the 800ASA roll of Fuji Superia, I ended up taking more than the stipulated one photo per hour.  Some of these “outtakes” Kate has said she will share next week.

Tuesday, March 27th

Sam_TWV_0800Considered a few views from my bed for my first photo of TWV. Decided on this one…


Regardless of the fact it comes at a fairly predictable time of day, morning always seems to take me by surprise. This is my surprised face.


The e-mails that have come in overnight. Mostly newsletters and spam…

Sam_TWV_1100Two teas down. Moving onto coffee.


Was on the phone for about 20 minutes, discussing time lapse with a client. Missed midday as a result.


A brass statue of Vishnu who sits by my monitor. Four arms would be useful sometimes…


Still at the computer.


On the bus.


I find it useful to have people around when I’m writing, so coffee shops are a good place for me. I know, I’m such a cliché!


Hanging in Basil café with Scott.


I’ve always liked plants breaking out of man-made structures.


Lime and soda.


Camera shy.


This was a half-second exposure. Impressed everyone stayed so still.


Kate. How meta!


Selfie on the way home.


Putting some stuff away in the gear-room. Masks from Scene 17 of “All About Town”.


Some light reading before bed.


Big fat furry cat-puss.

A major thank you to Sam for sharing his day with us & an equally major thank you to you, dear reader, for visiting.  And remember, if you’re interested in contributing to Tuesday With Vous, you can find all the information here.  xx

11 thoughts on “Tuesday With Vous: Samuel Marlow Edition

  1. Natalie

    Love the change of pace and quality film gives TWV! Makes me want to break out the Minolta sitting sadly in my office. Lovely photos Sam and as always Kate, you are the best. Xoxo

    1. katherine Post author

      Sam’s awesome- I’m so glad he was able to share. Also: Need to learn to shoot w/film! It’s just so… so intimate!

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