Tuesday With Vous (Yes, VOUS!)



Every Tuesday, I take a photo every waking hour, on the hour, in an effort to focus my eye and my lens on something beautiful/interesting/unique, to pay homage to the goodness that goes unnoticed most days, and to share snippets of what I’m up to with you lovely people.  Because I know you’re all tired of seeing pictures of Le Chat yawning, I sometimes recruit a creative/interesting/super awesome person to take on Tuesday photo duties and share their day with us.  If you want to be one of these creative/ interesting/super awesome people, drop me a line and let’s schedule a Tuesday for you to take pictures and share.

Now, I can hear your objections already.  You’re all like, “Trust me, Kate, my life is not interesting enough for TWV.”  Au contraire, mon ami!  As the very wise Betty Draper once said, “Only boring people are bored” and I firmly believe that life is only as interesting as you want it to be.  I don’t care if you’re an engineer, a dog-walker, a road surveyor or a painter, your life is unique and you have a story to tell, so send me an email, dust off your camera, and get snapping!

Still not convinced?  Check out the Tuesday With Vous & Tuesday With Moi archives.  See, not scary.  Fun!  You can be as creative as you like and because the internet is awesome, you can share from wherever you are in the world.  SUPER FUN.  xx

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