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Artists Unveiled PRESS

Artists+Unveiled+PressI have glitter everywhere and probably will do for years to come but it’s totally worth it because Artists Unveiled was written up in The Kent and Sussex Courier last week and, ’round these parts, that calls for a celebration and celebrations, from what I understand, include glitter.  If you want to read the article (it’s short, promise), you can do so online here.  If you don’t want to read the article, just visit the Artists Unveiled website and get a taste for who we are and what we’re about.  If you don’t want to do that either, fine. Nobody’s going to force you.

Liam and I have so many ideas to share over the next couple months and we’re thrilled that people are being so lovely about our festival.  I’ll share major developments with you here, but we’ll be regularly updating the AU website with tid-bits, events, and features on local artists, so tune in there if you so desire. And we sincerely hope you do so desire, dear reader, because that would make us very happy and we like being happy. 

Enjoy the sunshine!

Tuesday With Vous: Samuel Marlow

Remember my friend Samuel?  Well, he’s basically one of the coolest people ever.  And not just because he’s my very first two-time contributor to Tuesday With Vous… All-around, he’s an awesome filmmaker and person and I’m thrilled that he’s sharing his day with us for a second time.  Because he was shooting film and because he wanted to show you a day in London, these photos are actually from last Friday, not Tuesday.  I know that’s kind of like cheating, but when you’re a two-time contributor here on LKS, the rules don’t apply.  Now, take it away, Samuel! 

Friday, June 14, 2013

I had such fun on the previous Tuesday With Vous, I jumped at the chance to have another go, if for no other reason than try my newly-acquired (though in itself very old) Halina 35X.

This is only the second roll of film I have put through the camera, and the first colour film, since replacing the light seals in a DIY fix. It’s an old camera (1959) with many quirks that I’m still getting used to.

As a result of one of these (a sticky rewind wheel) I thought the film had fully rewound and exposed the first few frames to light by accident. Luckily only a couple of shots were lost, and I could work around it.

Another of the camera’s idiosyncrasies is that the focus, shutter speed and aperture must all be guessed, meaning the exposure can be a it hit-and-miss.


Getting to bed late is nothing new for me, but I am particularly aware of it with the Solstice just a week away. I took this as a souvenir.


This shot was exposed when I took the back off the camera. I’ll know for next time…


The greenery has exploded the last few weeks. Combination of rain and sun.


The bus dropped me off opposite Tunbridge Wells’ war memorial.


Getting close to Charing Cross.


Underground, overground, Monument free.


An ugly photogenic urban oasis amid new buildings going up on Leman Street in Tower Hamlets.


New and old. Clean and dirty.


View West down Oxford Street, looking gratifyingly quiet.


The Boy Who Would Not Grow Up. Sadly prophetic as Michael Llewelyn Davies, on whom the statue was based, died in a suspected suicide pact at the age of 20.


People on Westminster Bridge in rush hour.


Southbank in the evening sun.


Soft focus.


Visiting the NT Prop Store reminds me why I initially trained as a production designer.


Still enough light in the sky to photograph outdoors.


Selfie in the train window.


Home by midnight to a nice green glow.

Be sure to check out Samuel’s website, take a peek at his work, and follow him on twitter, too.  He’s a real Tunbridge Wells talent and I’m forever grateful that he took the time to share his day with us… twice! xx 

Tuesday With Vous: Liam Rogers

Tuesday, May 21, 2014

Name: Liam Rogers
Location: Royal Tunbridge Wells
Occupation: Photographer / Filmmaker / Artist / Business Development and Marketing
Camera: Nikon D300 + Nikon D5100

Tuesday begins with three dreams.

tuesday_with_vous-1Dream One.

tuesday_with_vous-2Dream Two.

tuesday_with_vous-3Dream Three.

I awake.

tuesday_with_vous-4The first thing I see.

tuesday_with_vous-5Reduce choice. Colour block.

tuesday_with_vous-6The birds.

tuesday_with_vous-7Effervescent orange.

tuesday_with_vous-8Assessing former representation of myself.

tuesday_with_vous-9It’s not easy picking green.


tuesday_with_vous-11Still life.

tuesday_with_vous-12Good luck, bad look.



tuesday_with_vous-15More colour choices.

tuesday_with_vous-16Organic light.


The Talking Clock dictates that time passing costs 37p.

tuesday_with_vous-18Remembrance of things past.

tuesday_with_vous-19To dream once more.

Oh Liam, wonderful Liam!, thank you a million times over for sharing your Tuesday with us.  And thank you, reader, for following along!  If you would like to share your Tuesday with us (all of us!) all the information is right here.  Also, make sure you follow Liam on Twitter, which is where we met and our story begins.  Romantic, no?  xx 

TWeet & Savoury

TweetAndSavoury+1Oh, dear reader, what a marvellous long weekend the past three days have been!  Full of watercolour painting and catching up on NPR’s Ted Radio Hour, dog walks with Millie (remember Millie?) and warm breezes that carried the scent of magnolia blossoms.  It was lovely.  Especially lovely on Saturday afternoon when David and I attended TWeet and Savoury, a Twitter-organised event that’s all about bringing people together and making food social.  Tucked away in a fab little garage turned foodie lair in the middle of town, a group of us gathered, armed with savoury treats,  bottles of wine, and decadent desserts.  I guess it was kind of like a potluck, only way more chic.  (I mean, there was bunting and homemade focaccia.  Très chic, non?)






TweetAndSavoury+7It was a really terrific afternoon full of new flavours and new friends– like that beautiful tomcat above!– and trust when I say that these pictures are doing it no justice at all (between this event and the pizza party last week, I’m realising how difficult it is to snap pictures whilst balancing a plate of food in one hand and a glass of wine in the other).  No matter the quality of my artistic representation, I’m ever so grateful for everyone who organised the afternoon (thanks, guys!) and want to bear hug whoever got stuck doing the dishes (thanks, whoever you are!).  It was a totally awesome afternoon and I’m already looking forward to the next one!

Speaking of the next one, as Laura Goode says in her excellent post, you don’t need to be an expert chef to attend Tweet and Savoury.  If I can go and prepare food without accidentally poisoning anyone, you probably can too, so follow TWeet and Savoury on Twitter and look out for their next event.  In the meantime, you need to decide, are you sweet, or are you savoury?  It’s an important question.  Decide wisely.

We’re Slammin’



Word+Up+4I have this thing about poetry.  Don’t get me wrong, I like poetry, but I generally feel that poems are like dreams in that they’re often best when kept to oneself.  That being said, I’m incredibly inspired by everyone who shared at last night’s Word Up event at the Tunbridge Wells Forum and was impressed that so many talented poets had the gumption to share their work with us.  In particular, I’d like to applaud last month’s slam winner, and Tunbridge Wells Writer, Jess Mookherjee for a witty set of thoughtful poems as well as the super awesome poetry pros (ha, see what I did there?), Chris Parkinson and Deanna Rodgers for coming in and showing us how. it’s. done. They were both fantastic and filled their words with life, movement, and contagious energy.

And it’s with a lump of pride in my throat that I announce that our little writing group swept up for the second slam in a row– David Smith was a man on fire last night (literally, check out the hole in his paper) and his poems inspired a rousing applause from the audience.  So well done, David! Tunbridge Wells talent, indeed!


As for the rest of you, stay tuned for the date and time for the next slam (follow the TW Writers on Twitter for updates) where yours truly has promised to present a poem.  But first, yours truly must write said poem.  Oh, May goals… what have I gotten myself into…?

Meejahub, Youjahub

I’ve come to realise that I’m a terribly people-shy photographer, so I guess this is what happens when you put me and my camera in a room with a group of local creatives:






Meejahub+4After work last night, I packed up my things and head to Sankey’s for Meejahub, the monthly networking event for media professionals, creatives, and people who are generally all-around awesome.  As always, it was a really fun evening– maybe even too fun as I seemed to fall into a time warp somewhere around 7:00 pm and spent almost five hours laughing and chatting with my fellow hubbers.  Oh, how the time does fly you’re drinking wine and meeting new friends, amirite?

If you’re in the area and want to come to the next meeting on May 30th, I can assure you that you’ll be welcomed with open arms.  Meejahub.  Youjahub.  Let’s all hub. Whad’ya say?

Tuesday With Vous: Carolyn Gray Edition

I knew who Carolyn was long before we actually met due to the fact that, though she’s far too humble to admit it, she plays a key role in making sure a great number of local organisations and causes get the attention and community care they need. On top of volunteering for this, that, and the other (this post included!), she runs a terrific blog and manages to stay up-to-date on all the local Twitter happenings (follow her at @CarolynTGray). I’m incredibly grateful to count her as a TWV contributor and I hope you enjoy this behind-the-scenes look at her Tuesday.     

When I first met Lady Katherine, she said “Oh Wow! You are the Queen of twitter”, but I think that may be a bit of an over statement. However, because of social media I have gotten involved in a lot of projects, which are taking up my life while I have no full-time work.

I had a polaroid camera when I was about eight, and was always writing stories, and then poems, and knitting and sewing, so I guess those things have never gone away. Currently, while looking after a household of increasingly tall children, I’m writing articles for several local free magazines. I’m also on the committee of my local (Grosvenor and Hilbert) park friends group, and help make their newsletter. We are planning a big Family Day for the 6th of May, so that’s taking a lot of time. I took on tweeting for Tunbridge Wells Writers group, and manage several facebook pages, too.

Tuesday, April 9th


School holidays so I’m up later than normal. First thing, coffee and a twitter catch-up!

Our dishwasher has stopped working properly… 

My Darling-Daughter and I need to go into town, but it’s still raining. Our cat goes outside, but won’t pose for a photo.
DD and I are walking into town, dodging puddles.
Bonus photo, we should have got here for 11:00 but were late….(trying too hard)
We were between having a coffee in Costa, and applying for DD passport in Post Office. Looking backwards was the better view (is that often the case?)
Lunch-time, at home.
Checking emails, and tweeting for Tunbridge Wells Writers.
15I’ve gone to the drizzly park to meet ‘a man from the council’ and another committee member to assess the field before the Family Day. Local springs are literally springing up all along the far edge of the football pitch….
16Drying out the maps from the park, we are also having to plan around repairs to a broken Victorian wall. (I’m resisting writing a history lesson here….)
17Getting ready to go out, to knitting and writers groups. Only once in a blue moon do they fall on the same Tuesday.
1818.5Two bonus photos as I race along the High Street.  As usual I’ve met someone I know while walking and got talking, not at knitting group at 6pm as I’d hoped.
18.6Second challenge of my day, at knitting group we are going to test patterns in a “30 minute knits” book.
19Happily knitting and nattering in Javabean.
20Knitted crowns, as you do.
21A short trip back along the road to see what the writers are up to. Meeting in the ‘gallery’ area of The Black Pig as there is a function in the function room.
When the fifteenth alarm of the day goes off I’m thinking it must be time to go home and stop the alarms – snooze or dismiss at 22:00?
Home, but phone is full of all these notifications, I feel the need to read them all before sleeping. Midnight, pleased to no longer have an alarm going off, and thinking about what I’m doing!
Many thanks to Carolyn for contributing to this week’s Tuesday With Vous.  If you’d like to contribute, you can find all the information here, or just drop me an email at kate (at) ladykatherinesims.com. 

Tuesday With Vous: Samuel Marlow Outtakes

Last week, the talented Samuel Marlow was the man behind the lens for Tuesday With Vous (if you missed it, be sure to check out his post!) and today I wanted to share some of his outtakes with you.  I really like these pictures and the texture of photographs makes me want to shoot film.  (The birdbath photo, in particular, has my heart.)


If I sometimes seem a bit weird, or appear to ignore you in the street, this is what I’m thinking about…Sam_TWV_Ex02

The birdbath has been frozen solid for four days!Sam_TWV_Ex03

Lunch.  Seth Rogan Josh.  Sam_TWV_Ex04

Leaving the house. Sam_TWV_Ex05

View from the bus. Sam_TWV_Ex06

Lots of Easter Eggs.  Will all be gone by the time you read this… Sam_TWV_Ex07

Waiting for Scott. Sam_TWV_Ex08

Proscenium arch in the Opera House. Sam_TWV_Ex09

Sitting room in the street. Sam_TWV_Ex10On the way to the Writers.

Thanks, Sam!

If you’re a creative, a small business owner, or simply someone who’s a little photo-happy and would like to contribute, please get in touch.  I’m always happy to share a new perspective, regardless of whether you’re here, there or anywhere.


Tuesday With Vous: Samuel Marlow Edition

I met Sam the way I meet most people in Tunbridge Wells, through Twitter.  Shortly thereafter, I met him in real life and immediately, I felt the currents of creativity running off him and asked him to contribute to TWV.  He obliged.  Enjoy his post, visit his website, take a look at his work, and follow him on Twittertoo. 

I’d only known Kate for a few days before she propositioned me to take part in her Tuesday With Vous project.  Her only stipulation was that it should be photographed on a “proper camera”.  I, in turn, agreed on the condition I could shoot film.  The result is that these photos come to you a week later than normal, as I couldn’t find anyone willing to offer me a one-hour photo service at 2 o’clock in the morning!

I took the photos on my lovely old Pentax MX, which was my constant companion through two years at college.  I bought it second-hand from Redbox Cameras (called Adams Photographic at the time) ten years ago when I started college, and this particular camera is older than I am.  One of the reasons I went with it is it is the same camera my Dad owns, so I was already familiar with how to use it.  Olny after leaving college did I add to my collection of lenses with a 28mm (used in a few of the shots here) and others, but for more than two years, the f/1.4 50mm lens the camera came with fulfilled all my photographic needs.

Of late, though, I have had less time to use it, and with everything else I carry around I have taken to leaving it at home.  It was lovely, then, to be “forced” to use it for Kate’s project, and I feel the urge to try to carry it with me again.  As I had to use up all 36 exposures on the 800ASA roll of Fuji Superia, I ended up taking more than the stipulated one photo per hour.  Some of these “outtakes” Kate has said she will share next week.

Tuesday, March 27th

Sam_TWV_0800Considered a few views from my bed for my first photo of TWV. Decided on this one…


Regardless of the fact it comes at a fairly predictable time of day, morning always seems to take me by surprise. This is my surprised face.


The e-mails that have come in overnight. Mostly newsletters and spam…

Sam_TWV_1100Two teas down. Moving onto coffee.


Was on the phone for about 20 minutes, discussing time lapse with a client. Missed midday as a result.


A brass statue of Vishnu who sits by my monitor. Four arms would be useful sometimes…


Still at the computer.


On the bus.


I find it useful to have people around when I’m writing, so coffee shops are a good place for me. I know, I’m such a cliché!


Hanging in Basil café with Scott.


I’ve always liked plants breaking out of man-made structures.


Lime and soda.


Camera shy.


This was a half-second exposure. Impressed everyone stayed so still.


Kate. How meta!


Selfie on the way home.


Putting some stuff away in the gear-room. Masks from Scene 17 of “All About Town”.


Some light reading before bed.


Big fat furry cat-puss.

A major thank you to Sam for sharing his day with us & an equally major thank you to you, dear reader, for visiting.  And remember, if you’re interested in contributing to Tuesday With Vous, you can find all the information here.  xx

Tuesday With Vous: René Sterling Edition

When I started Tuesday With Moi, it was an exercise to focus my eye and my lens on something beautiful every waking hour, on the hour.  Since I started last June, it’s helped me develop my eye as well as my technical abilities but has also proven to be an interesting way of visually charting my own movements, feelings and growth.  A couple months ago, I asked some friends to contribute to the genre and thereby started Tuesday With Vous, which lets us see from a different perspective and experience the day in the life of someone who will introduce us to a whole new world, their world.  

Today, I’m pleased to share these terrific black and white photos by René Sterling.  These are the first film photos I’ve had on the site, which is very exciting as I have a great appreciation for film photography and am hoping to try my hand at it this coming summer (if we’re lucky enough to have one, that is… Oh England!).  I love René’s work and, as I scroll through his photos, I find myself fascinated by the situations he finds himself in and the quiet way he captures the commotion around him.  His life seems so full- full of creativity, full of art, full of that intense energy of living- and I find his work both moving and inspiring. His creativity seems boundless, and in addition to taking photos, he produces videos, DJs, and makes simple wooden jewelry that I’m a little bit in love with (but more on that in another post).  Plus, René has great boy style, really great boy style.  He’s like a Hip-Hop Star Pirate and just exudes coolness.  Obviously, I’m thrilled to feature him on the site.

Because René was shooting film and because Wednesday is my day to post TWM/TWV, we elected to have him share his Friday with us.  These are the images he captured.  Enjoy.

Friday, February 15th 
2. treeforestrow 3pm15:00 Tree Forest Row

3. coffee&cig 4pm16:00 Coffee & Cig

4. drive 5pm

17:00 Drive

5. 6ochoc

18:00  6 O’Choc

6. necklaces 7pm19:00 Necklaces

7-1. cherub 8pm20:00  Cherub

8. tawn 9pm21:00 Tawn

9. est1989 10pm22:00 Est. 1989

10. ltdedition 11pm23:00 Ltd Edition

11-1. station 12_25am 0:00 Station

12. lastcall 1am1:00  Last Call

13. steamed2am2:00 Steamed

14. sug 3am3:00 Sug

You can find René on Twitter and Tumblr and view more of his work on his website.