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A Saucy Soirée

La+Fiamma+4Back in January, when I was still falling in love with Tunbridge Wells, I felt there was just one thing the town needed in oder to win me over completely, and that was a great pizza place.  You know, a place with a proper pizza oven, a dedication to fresh ingredients, a simple, delicious wine list and a staff that remembers your name.  A place with a commitment to quality and a fiery passion for the food they’re placing on your table.  What Tunbridge Wells needed, I thought, was a place like La Fiamma. 

La+Fiamma+2Last night, La Fiamma celebrated their grand opening with a delightful soirée that David and I were lucky enough to snag an invite to.  Whilst sipping and snacking on their delicious offerings, we rubbed shoulders with other enthusiastic supporters and chatted with neighbours we’re pleased to now call friends.  The hostesses took excellent care of us and the owner and head chef, Simon, was gracious enough to let us step into his kitchen whilst he tossed dough and prepared each of the pizzas.  He even let me get up-close-and-personal with his pizza oven which, I can assure you, is hotter than the sun.  It was awesome!  So, so awesome.



An enormous thank you to Simon, Clare and everyone else on staff for being so hospitable and kind, and a major thank you to David, too, for helping me take some of these pictures and for holding my plate whilst I was leaning into the pizza oven.  It’s no coincidence that we got engaged in a pizza place- David, he’s a keeper.

Anyway, La Fiamma is located at 42 Mount Ephraim in Tunbridge Wells and, in addition to booking a table with them right this instant (seriously, call them: 01892 615999), I urge you to also follow them on Twitter to ensure you’re privy to all their specials and mouth-watering updates.  And you guys, I promise I wasn’t paid to say any of this stuff– I just really love pizza and really really love La Fiamma and I think you will, too. So stop in one day and enjoy yourself.  And maybe invite me, too?   xx