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Tuesday With Vous: Caroline Smith

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Name: Caroline Smith
Location: Kent/Sussex border
Occupation: Responsible for editorial and advertising sales at Playground magazine (a free magazine for families in West Kent and East Sussex); blogger at Beyond The Playground; also mother to teenage boys, dog owner and wife to long suffering commuter Mr Smith.
Camera: Canon PowerShot, a handy little pocket-sized camera


I rise with the commuter and make him a cup of tea.  I count my blessings every day and one of them is that I don’t have to commute.


I head into the office to check emails and Twitter.  Angelina Jolie is trending.


It’s possibly the only time that the sun will shine today.  I walk the dog in the woods around the house.  The bluebells look and smell gorgeous.


I sit at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee and have a quick peruse of a gardening catalogue.


The weather is deteriorating, so I decide upon appropriate footwear for my client visit.  The boot rack is one of the best things I’ve bought since we moved to the country.  It’s seriously muddy in the valley for much of the year and the family has a wide range of shoes and boots.  The mud dries, drops to the floor and it’s easy to sweep up.


As well as my wellies, I grab my newly purchased raincoat to jazz up a dull day.  Fashion is not my passion, but I love the coat’s colour and pattern.  I hope that the Weather Resistant Organic Cotton does what it says on the label.


After criss-crossing from Sussex into Kent and back several times, I arrive at the Bodiam Boating Station in Newenden to meet Vanessa and Alex.  I’m going to help them with some marketing and publicity.  The Dannie Lee is one of their boats, moored on the River Rother.  The meeting is held in a caravan, their temporary home.  Their story is a whole other post for another day.


I have a wander up the River Rother.  The rapeseed is in flower and is a strong contrast to the grey sky that has set in for the day.


I kill time with some window shopping in Cranbrook before my next meeting.  The fairy sculpture constructed out of chicken wire grabs my attention, the price tag cheekily attached.  Cranbrook High Street is reflected in the window.


I have an appointment with Annie of Grierson Publications on Cranbrook High Street.  I snap this quote from the Dalai Lama which is framed and hanging on the wall in her office.


I pick up two copies of The Ultimate Nepalese Cook Book, published by Grierson: one for me, one will be a giveaway for the magazine.  Annie recommends the Sherpa Lamb Curry.  A percentage of each sale goes to the Ghurka Welfare Trust.


On the way home I buy half a kilo of asparagus from Birchden Farm in Groombridge.


The dog wants a walk, having been shut indoors all afternoon.  We head along the railway line, through the wild garlic, one of our favourite places.  The smell of garlic is wonderful.


I meet the commuter for a glass of wine in the Hotel du Vin, Tunbridge Wells.


We watch a film at Trinity.  The commuter asks me if I’m going to get up in the middle of the film and take a picture.  I don’t.  The film is average.


We drive back home along the lane.  A couple of deer jump out and cross from right to left, but I’m far too slow with the camera.

Thank you, Kate, for letting me take part in your Tuesday With Vous project.

And thank you, to Caroline, for letting us take a peek at your Tuesday!  xx