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Inspired By: These Are Things

hatersgonnahate-02 modern-world-map_01_1024x1024

Are you familiar with Jen Adrion and Omar Noory, the Brooklyn-based dynamic duo behind These Are Things and creators of some of the sweetest illustrations on the internet?  In addition to being the creators of the Haters Gonna Hate gif, they also design modern, eye-catching maps, easily digestible infographics (perfect for people like me who go into a coma at the sight of a line graph) and an assortment of posters that I’d gladly hang on my walls.  All my walls, cover them!

They first came on my radar whilst reading Volume Two of Cereal and, after visiting their website, I was sucked into the blackhole that is their blog for longer than I care to admit.  These two, they’re so creativeAnd they have their shit so figured out.  They’re honest, they do honest-to-God good work, and they’re refreshingly open about their growth, their challenges, and how they manage to make time for their own projects while still producing awesome work for others.

So, in case you haven’t figured it out by now, they’re totally inspiring me– inspiring me to do more and be more, both for myself and for others.  And yes, I totally have a career crush on them.  I mean, how cute is their website?  The cutest!  Le sigh…

photos via These Are Things