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Dearest Reader,

This time last year, David and I downed a couple glasses of wine, boarded a flight to the UK, and accidentally put Le Chat through the most traumatising experience of her little feline life. Yes, it was a whole year ago that I voyaged to this country and became an American in England, and oh what a year it has been!

One+Year+American+In+EnglandThere have been times where I hated this year, moments where I stamped my feet and cried from a place of despair that I’d never before known, I want out.  I came here thinking I had my life all figured out and then hit rock bottom as those plans crumbled around me, around us.  Those moments sucked but they’ve forced me to grow enormously and I’ve learned to better accept uncertainty. After all, some of the best moments of my life have been spent in the English countryside, aimlessly following footpaths and marvelling at where my own two feet carry me.

It’s also been a year of trust and patience.  It’s been difficult to be this far from my nearest and dearest, but I’ve been blessed to start a new family with David and find a new tribe of friends whose kindness and camaraderie literally moves me to tears (seriously, you guys, I just wept typing this).  I’ve also learned that the bonds of friendship and family easily stretch the length of an ocean and that sometimes, a simple Skype call can cure the worst case of homesickness.

It’s been a year of sacrifice and simplicity, bravery and action.  An exciting year, a humbling year, the worst year, but the best year, and I thank you from the very bottom of the well that is my heart for sharing this it with me. The world is a tremendously beautiful place and I’m thrilled to see what this next year holds.

Onward and upward,