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This is a picture I took of Liam taking a picture earlier this summer at the Trinity Big Top. Liam’s been in America for the last week and a half, but it feels like forever.  He’s been singing show-tunes in an old Ogunquit show-tunes tavern (because that kind of place totally exists in Ogunquit) and buying copies of the Declaration of Independence in the most un-ironic way imaginable.  It’s all too cute for words.

With our Artists Unveiled launch quickly approaching, I’m feeling especially far away from my friend and co-conspirator.  I wish Willy Wonka would hurry up and invent teleportation because this long-distance party planning thing isn’t exactly my forte.

So that’s what’s up with me these days.  Tell me, what’s up with you?

i suck at everything (or is this just my jet lag talking?)


I’m still jet lagged, it’s 1:00 AM and I’m tired (but not that tired) and I didn’t do any of the things I wanted to get done this weekend.  I didn’t:

  • Go to the farm shop and buy lots of fresh produce + the amazing rhubarb jam that I love and am currently out of  :( 
  • Finish the invite for our Artists Unveiled Launch Party or do the other 45 things I must do for our little site / cause. (Liam, you’re the best for not sending me abusive emails about all this!)  
  • Find out whether or not the Tea Tree Oil I’m putting on my face is actually doing anything– and if it is, is it good?
  • Sketch a family portrait for my best friend who just had a baby!!!
  • Research new beds  (After staying in amazing king-sized beds in America, it has become all too clear that our DOUBLE-SIZED mattress is basically the cause for everything bad in our lives.  No joke, it’s the worst. I’m pretty sure 4 hours of sleep on a normal, good mattress = 9 hours of sleep on ours.  It’s so bad.)
  • Exercise  (hahaha! but seriously…)
  • Read Kinfolk, which I bought in the States and have been carrying with me, unopened, for the last week and a half
  • Written about the surreal melancholy I feel every time I go to The States and then come back.  I can only imagine it’s like having an affair in that I am so in love with both places but need them for different kinds of fulfilment.  It’s so confusing / heartbreaking / amazing / perfect.  I don’t know.  I JUST DON’T KNOW.
  • Get rid of my mustache which is growing like ivy all over my face, I swear.  :(

I’ve also been really bad at taking pictures lately.  In fact, I’ve been terrible at doing anything creative, meeting personal deadlines, and cleaning. Seeing as autumn has always been a time of reflection for me (something engrained from my school days and the dawning of a new academic year), I have a good day or two of re-evauluation and goal-setting ahead of me. And one of those goals will be to spend more time on this space. Because right now, this is awful.


Okay, goodnight.

Tuesday With Vous: Liam Rogers {take 2}

Name: Liam Rogers
Location: Tunbridge Wells
Occupation: Photographer / Film-maker
Camera Used: Nikon D7000

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Good morning world. What’s up? TWV_2

Look there’s condensation on the car. Good morning autumn!



Driving to work has been a breeze during the summer holidays, then it all goes down the drain for 10 months. Good morning traffic. TWV_4

Bit late for work but check out that view! Tonbridge is not my favourite place but I love that little glimpse of countryside. It never gets old. (Disclaimer: Taking photos whilst driving is not cool but I’ll happily risk my life for Lady Sims.) TWV_5

Offices don’t generally inspire vast amounts of creativity but I think I was on to something when I created this masterpiece. TWV_6

Brian is my man. My rock. My one and only. TWV_7

Apart from my awesome colleagues, this is the best thing about my office. TWV_8

My boss (coolest boss ever BTW) always supplies us with weird and wonderful snacks. Her brand new lippy was added to the mix because she is the Queen of impulse buying. TWV_9

My bestest office buddy Laura wearing the poster for the Electric Lantern Film Festival.

Annoyingly, the rest of my afternoon was spent doing stuff where is wasn’t ok for me to whip out my camera and be like, ‘can I take your snap for TWV?’. Soz. TWV_10

One last picture of the weirdest thing I have on my desk. It kind of creeps me out. TWV_11

Now to Trinity to see my film being shown on the second evening of the Electric Lantern Festival. It’s always weird watching something you’ve created with a room full of people, suddenly an 8 minute video feels like the longest thing ever! TWV_12

After the film screening we headed to the ever classy ‘spoons for a quick drink. Surprisingly, this light chandelier thing is pretty amazing. TWV_13

Potential film for Electric Lantern 2014? For sure! TWV_14

I return home to find a pile of books on my desk. I’d love to pretend I’m super cultured but they’re all Nicks. (@cllrrogers) TWV_15

Seeing your photos all big and in the flesh is so exciting. Before I go to bed, I must must must frame my photos to be installed at Woods tomorrow. (edited to note that the Woods show is now TONIGHT as of this posting.) TWV_16

This is how I feel. Bedtime. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Okay, everyone, follow Liam on Twitter and go and see Liam’s photos at Woods! GO GO GO!

And remember, if you ever want to contribute to Tuesday With Vous, take a peek at the details and get in touch. I’d love to see your day!

Caro Spinette Studio Visit {behind the scenes}

Caro+Spinette+Artists+Unveiled Caro+Spinette+Artists+Unveiled+2 Caro+Spinette+Artists+Unveiled+3 Caro+Spinette+Artists+Unveiled+4 Caro+Spinette+Artists+Unveiled+5 Caro+Spinette+Artists+Unveiled+6 Caro+Spinette+Artists+Unveiled+7 Caro+Spinette+Artists+Unveiled+8 Caro+Spinette+Artists+Unveiled+9 Caro+Spinette+Artists+Unveiled+10 Caro+Spinette+Artists+Unveiled+11Caro+Spinette+Artists+Unveiled+14 Caro+Spinette+Artists+Unveiled+16

A few weeks ago, Liam and I had the great pleasure of making the acquaintance of Caro Spinette on Twitter and, after meeting her in real life, immediately bonded over our shared love of the local art scene, the film The Fountain, and the fact that we’re all transplants that have come to love life in Tunbridge Wells.  Caro, who’s originally from France, was gracious enough to invite us into her lovely home (a converted schoolhouse, so cool) for brownies and a nose through her studio. The scope of her work is vast, ranging from hand-painted ceramics to cityscapes and Eastern-inspired paintings.  Whatever the subject, her work is colourful and full of passion (she’s French, after all!) and we’re thrilled to count her as a coconspirator and friend.

To see more of her fabulous work, hope over to Artists Unveiled to see part one & two of our studio visit!

Ed Liddle Studio Visit {behind the scenes}







Ed+Liddle+8Last week, Liam and I visited the studio of local artist Ed Liddle and spent three delightful hours treasure hunting through his space.  What I admire about Ed is that he allows himself to be imperfect, to experiment, and to create with a raw energy that really comes through in his work .  His pieces are tactile, honest, confrontational, and his space is packed full of inspiration.

For more, check out our Liam’s fantastic Artists Unveiled posts (part one & two) about Ed’s work  and be sure to follow Ed on Twitter, too.  Ed’s a mighty fine guy and we’re looking forward to seeing a lot more of him in the future.

Tuesday With Moi

 Tuesday, July 30, 2013
Where does time go?


Do you dream, dear reader?  I dream every night with an intensity I that sometimes scares me.  I’ve fallen in love in my dreams, I’ve experienced betrayal, jealousy and anger that I’ve never felt in my waking life, and I’ve been terrified by the images and stories my mind sometimes creates.  Yesterday was particularly alarming, and I awoke paralysed with fear and feeling as if my body was weighed down with lead and my mouth was mute.  My sinuses were throbbing and I felt so sleepy so, after turning off my alarm, I curled into a ball and decided to sleep for “five more minutes”. I woke up two hours later at 9:45 with a head cold and sleepy eyes.  11

A yellow leaf drifted through my window yesterday morning as a breeze blew through the trees outside.  I closed my eyes and I could’ve sworn I was back in Boston, walking through the Public Garden on my way to work, leaves swirling at my feet and a hot coffee warming my hand.  Sometimes it’s the little things– a leaf, the scent of roasting coffee, the way a gust of wind pushes me forward– that makes my heart ache for Boston the most.  David and I booked our tickets to visit at the end of August and I’m so excited to go back! 12

Sick.  And sleepy.  I’m incredibly lucky that I can work from home on days when I feel unwell, but I sometimes wish I had the ability to just call in sick.  ”Can’t come in, can’d do anything, feel like crap.” is not something I’m able to say in my position.  So instead, I put on my big girl panties and soldier on.  But only after I lay on my yoga mat and cry for a little while.

And then I soldier on, with some green tea and snotty loo roll as company. (Loo roll. Isn’t that so much cuter than “toilet paper”?) 14

Feed a cold, starve a fever.  Over the weekend, David and I visited his brother in Cambridge and stopped by the Gog Magog Hills Farm Shop (which is adorable) and stocked up on all kinds of goodies.  Suffice to say that we’re eating extra well this week and I happily loaded myself up with greens and goodness before slipping into a brief and necessary nap.  15

But even after a little shut-eye, I felt as droopy as my Norfolk Island Pine, which I repotted this weekend.  As I repotted it, I accidentally broke the little support beam that keeps it upright, so I guess I should go out in the woods and find a stick to replace it with.  Or a kebab skewer or something.  I dunno.  I kinda suck and keeping my plants alive and healthy, you guys.  It’s sad. 16

I’m also kind of crap at keeping my computer alive.  Yes, my friends, the inevitable is happening Methuselah’s power cord has stopped working.  My poor sweet Macbook, with whom I’ve had my longest and most intimate relationship, is slowly but surely dying.  Piece by piece, little by little.  But I’m not going to quit Methuselah yet! Oh no! Though maybe soon… :(  17

I love Le Chat.  Even when I’m feeling very small in a world that is very big and my computer is breaking and I’m tired, so tired, she’s right there for cuddles and nose nuzzles.  I’m so pleased we brought her with us on this English adventure.  I’m so pleased she’s so cute and little and loves me. 18

To address my earlier point about keeping plants alive, David’s son’s money tree died whilst in our care (oops).  It rotted, to be specific, and though it was living in our house, I technically do not feel responsible for its death.  However, we still feel kinda bad, so David researched how to save it from complete and total death and it turns out you can actually plant one of the branches (leaf things?) in soil and it will grow anew.  I’m not holding out too much hope, but I’d love for it to work.  Just so I could brag about something, you know?

After a delicious dinner of farm-fresh sausages and pasta, David and I got ready to attend my friend Liam‘s private viewing party at Art Pull.  Sometimes it is very difficult to decide which shoes to wear.  You feel me?

The gallery was packed last night, which was fantastic!  This is Liam chatting about his work with someone in an awesome striped blazer.  I haven’t had time to catch up with him yet, but I believe Liam sold a piece last night.  WELL DONE, LIAM!  21

After I wilted in the Art Pull gallery (seriously, it was so marvellously crowded!), David and I stopped in a pub for a chat and drink.  He’s been working a lot lately and needs to get out of the house to relax and distance himself from everything he needs to do.  We both do, to be honest, and it’s important for both of us that we’re able to sit across a table from each other and talk about normal things like, well, work and how work is stressing us out.  Ha. 22

After our decompression time was done, we paid the tab, checked our teeth in the shiny reflective  bill tray, and headed home. 23

Despite the fact that I was exhausted, we stayed up to watch an episode of Orange is the New Black before going to bed. Now I know you’re all like, But I thought you were sooooo tired and whiny and wanted to go to sleep, but instead you went to a pub and stayed up watching television?! and my answer is this: red wine has lots of antioxidants in it and you can never be too tired to watch OITNB.  Seriously, if you’re watching it, you’ll know that it’s like crack.  Your body’s telling you to go to sleep, but your brain is like BUT WHAT’S GONNA HAPPEN TO PIPER?! It’s not ideal, but it is what it is.

And that, dear reader, was my Tuesday.  How was yours?  How are YOU? I know I’ve been a lazy sharer lately, but look forward to tomorrow’s post where I share some behind the scene’s photos of local artist Ed Liddle‘s studio! I visited it last week with Liam for Artists Unveiled and it’s totally adorable– I think you’re going to love it.  Until tomorrow, xx!

Artists Unveiled PRESS

Artists+Unveiled+PressI have glitter everywhere and probably will do for years to come but it’s totally worth it because Artists Unveiled was written up in The Kent and Sussex Courier last week and, ’round these parts, that calls for a celebration and celebrations, from what I understand, include glitter.  If you want to read the article (it’s short, promise), you can do so online here.  If you don’t want to read the article, just visit the Artists Unveiled website and get a taste for who we are and what we’re about.  If you don’t want to do that either, fine. Nobody’s going to force you.

Liam and I have so many ideas to share over the next couple months and we’re thrilled that people are being so lovely about our festival.  I’ll share major developments with you here, but we’ll be regularly updating the AU website with tid-bits, events, and features on local artists, so tune in there if you so desire. And we sincerely hope you do so desire, dear reader, because that would make us very happy and we like being happy. 

Enjoy the sunshine!