Tuesday With Moi

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

8Foggy mornings with Lucille.

9It was cold yesterday, guys! After my shower, I jumped back in bed as I decided what to wear to work. Then I definitely had a little bit of a clothing crisis. Do you ever have those? Like, when your mood and your entire wardrobe are not aligned. At all. And then you kind of want to light a match and just burn your house down because what’s the point of a house if your clothes are all wrong, you know?

10But then I chanted my mantra, changed my clothes 15 times, ate a banana and put some lipstick on and everything was okay.

11I’m on a major green tea kick these days and, at the rate I’m sipping, I feel like I’m definitely going to live to be, like, 500 years old at least.  Last week, I picked up some fill-my-own tea bags and have been filling them with gunpowder green & peppermint tea from Perk and Pearl. It’s really nice. I highly recommend!

12 View from the office: sunny, wet, and cold. Reminded me that I need to buy stamps.

13On my walk home for lunch, I had a momentary flashback to summer. The sun was perfect and there was an almost warm breeze that stirred the leaves into a chorus of summertime sound. It was amazing! But fleeting.

14Second lunch. I can feel a cold coming on so I’m loading up on vitamin C. (But, like, aren’t I not supposed to ever get sick because I’m drinking so much green tea?!)

15I kept a tissue handy just in case Operation Green Tea & Citrus didn’t work.

16And then I went to Scallywag for more tea (!!!) and to meet my friend Charlie, who is a film critic.  He is just now starting to incorporate social media into his digital outreach so I gave him a few pointers and a little bit of Twitter homework. You should follow him if you’re into film, maybe?

17Back in the office, tip-tap-tapping away.

18There was a chill in the air and, more specifically, on my ankles so I warmed them on the radiator. Note to self: need to polish my boots.

19And then, after packing up for the night, I started my evening at Fuggles, my other home away from home. Some people have a third place, but I seem to have a third, fourth, fifth, and sixth place…. No complaints.

20I love this.

21After a bit of wine, cheese, bread and meat and Fuggles, we went to La Fiamma for some wine, cheese, bread and meat, but in a slightly different configuration. I wonder when goop is going to feature my diet on their site… #SoHealthy

22And then it was 10:00 and I didn’t realise how late it was and omg we were still at La Fiamma oops! Like I said, I have a third, fourth, fifth, and sixth place and sometimes I mistake one or two of them for my living room and just sit there cackling for ages.

23After we got kicked out of the restaurant (too much cackling) I went home and cuddled in bed with Le Chat (David was in Spain on business, #sadtimes) whilst reading this great article in Rookie about the new Beyoncé album. I’ve always liked Beyoncé, but I haven’t loved any of her solo records until now. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved many of her songs, but the albums in their entirety just haven’t done it for me.  Until now. This latest album (visual album! Ugh, so good) is awesome. And I don’t just mean that in a way that like, I’m American and that’s awesome man! I mean it in like, I am literally in awe. In awe of her talent, grace, bravery and strength. I’ve been playing the album non-stop since Sunday and I loved reading the Rookie take on it. Those ladies are smart.

And that, my friends, was my Tuesday. Thank you for reading and remember, if you’d like to contribute to Tuesday With Vous, you can find all the details right here.

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