Tuesday With Moi

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

8David bought me a Bonsai tree for Christmas and thereby ensured that I can never move out of the country. Me and this tree are partners for life. (Unless I kill it.)

9You know, I’ve always quite liked the idea of being a carpenter.  Of working with my hands, standing on a sawdust floor and cutting, sanding and staining beautiful pieces of wood. As I’m not (yet) a carpenter, I’ve found a real one to make our next bed: Tom of Steady-On Designs. Tom’s philosophy on furniture design is all about quality and legacy, and the fact that he’s based an hour away in Brighton is especially awesome seeing as discovering and supporting local makers is basically my love language. Anyway, the bed is going to be great but we’re still deciding on materials. Tom sent some wood samples for us to look at and I surprised myself by falling for the darker wood, the elm.  Isn’t it pretty?

10I started my workday at Scallywag Café with a flat white and a meeting.

11My new office is conveniently located just a few doors away from the café, where I love eyeballing the furniture and odds-and-ends that are all for sale. I’m always looking out for treasure!

12I have yet to contribute to the ambiance of the new office save one element: this jade plant.  There’s nothing like a pot of green to brighten a day, don’t you think?

13I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: sweater weather is my favourite. Lucky for me, it’s always sweater weather in England! So I’ve decided to start knitting so I can make my own sweaters jumpers.  I’d like to get good enough to knit this one. I’ll tell you all about it when I finish in ten years…

14Here’s an example of some of the beautiful art currently on view in the office…

15Luckily, our view is a little nicer than the great works adorning our walls. Yes, I’m kind of a pizza stalker, I’ll admit it, and I enjoy longingly gazing at La Fiamma in the middle of my work day. Can you blame me?

16To get me started on my knitting quest, I bought a nice ball of wool to practice on. (And hopefully make something nice out of?)

17After work, I had a quick cuddle sesh with Le Chat.

18And then wandered down to Javabean for a Knit and Knatter!  Yes, friends, I joined the local knitting club! I mean, there wasn’t an initiation ceremony or anything, but YAY!

19And we all happily gossiped and knit as Liam‘s photos twinkled above us like stars in the sky…. or something. His photos are up at Javabean for the rest of January, so make sure you get down there and take a look if you haven’t already!

20Once my stomach started rumbling, I knew it was time to walk home, past this place where the zombies live, and into the loving arms of Mr. Cox.

21Together, we sat on the sofa and watched mindless television whilst I knitted and counted and knitted and counted and knitted….

22And counted and then realised I had dropped a stitch, which caused me to frustratedly search Youtube videos about recovering dropped stitches. But the videos weren’t very helpful and I was very tired so I unraveled all my work and, with maybe a tear in my eye, threw the ball of tired yard as far as I could (not very far) and swore off knitting forever!

Until today. Fear not, Debbie & Co., I will not give up that easily!

And that was my wondrous Tuesday, dear reader.  Thanks for checking in!

8 thoughts on “Tuesday With Moi

    1. katherine Post author

      Never seen Karate Kid but you’re not the first person to say that. The new work space is fantastic! How are things with you in 2014, Jeremy?!

  1. Debbie

    Oh no! Sorry you dropped a stitch, it happens to all of us now and then. It’s easy to recover, we can show you next time. If you get into trouble again drop us a note at the Knitted Love at Javabean Facebook page, we are all happy to help online any time you need it. Keep Calm and Carry On! You can do it!


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