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Tuesday, November 12, 2013


I’ve been ordering my produce from a great company called Simply Veg for just over a month now. What I like about Simply Veg is they feel like a CSA in that they bring us a box of ever-changing veg once per week, but I can opt-in and, more importantly, opt-out whenever the service doesn’t suit our needs.  As is the nature of a local food drop-off, sometimes you wind up with an awful lot of one thing and right now that one thing is onions. I have a loads of onions and have been putting them in everything– roasts, eggs, pasta, you name it… ONIONS.  I probably don’t smell very good but my tummy sure is happy!


To follow Doctor’s orders, David’s been taking it easy at home lately.  Whilst rest and recuperation are very important after last week’s episode, truth be told, I think he was going a little stir crazy so I was thankful he decided to go back to work today. Slobbing on his lonesome is so not David’s style…


My friends at Kudos have a new issue out! I love their Handmade Christmas feature and really love our latest Artists Unveiled ad being amongst its pages.  Be sure to get your hands on a copy if you live local & love local!


I have a bunch of twine on my desk for a client project right now.  Frayed and rough, I love the way it feels like the country in my hands.


An apple or two a day keep the doctor away… except when you smother them with peanut butter like I do!


I’ve been looking for a new lamp and have come to the conclusion that most lamps are either complete rubbish or totally impracticable. Or a bijillion pounds! Ideally, I’m looking for something classic but forward-thinking.  Something that makes a statement but isn’t obtrusive.  Something that uses bulbs that omit a soft, warm light that doesn’t make my pores look huge.  Essentially, I’m looking for something awesome.  I took Nick and Liam’s recommendation and started looking on eBay but I found the offering rather uninspiring.  I don’t go to eBay to buy second hand Ikea crap, you guys! I want the crazy stuff you find in your grandmother’s basement!  What I’m trying to say is this: I think I need to start antiquing.  (Do you say that in England, ‘antiquing’?  If not, you need to adopt it ASAP ’cause it’s a super great verb!)


Voila– a peek at a print project for a client. The blue hour is such a magical time of day, no?


Our office has been doing a series of seminars to give each of us time to educate the others about what we do all day– other than crack jokes and drink too much tea, I mean. Yesterday was my turn.  I wandered down to Create DM, who are gracious enough to host the seminars, and begged them for a little liquid enthusiasm before I started my talk.  Coffee will always be my first love


The Create DM guys were sooooooOOOooo interested in my talk and asked lots of great questions. Questions like, “Why don’t you comment more on our blog?” and “Can we go now?”


For some reason, the early darkness of winter seems more extreme and less bearable with each passing year.  When I was a teenager, my mom bought one of those Happy Lights to help her manage her seasonal depression. At the time, I didn’t understand why anyone would need such a thing, but now that I’m older and time seems to go so quickly, I completely understand. It’s quite difficult to feel energised and productive when the world is cold and dark around you…


But luckily, that’s what alcohol is for! After my riveting presentation, Justin and I walked from the office to our local watering hole to brainstorm some new ideas for this site (yay!) and some other projects I’m working on (YAY!).


And our spirited conversation about life! work! plans! continued on and on and that was great.


Until finally, David pulled at my sleeve and asked if we could please leave because he had a heart attack last week and is very tired thank you very much!  Obviously, I obliged. It was cold outside. You could smell the coming frost.


Once home, we put on our comfy clothes and watched the most recent episode of Downton Abbey.  I know, I know! I can’t believe I still watch it, either. But at least I’m not watching Homeland anymore…


After the episode finished, David went to bed and I stayed sitting on the sofa, reflecting.

And that, my dear, was my Tuesday. Fascinating, I know, but at least nobody had a heart attack…  Bisous!

ps. If you’re interested in sharing a Tuesday With Vous, check out the details and please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Not to be a total creep, but I’d love to see what you get up to!

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