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Tuesday, October 15th, 2013


David and I woke up one day this past weekend, looked at our dresser (and the surrounding room) and decided that we both kinda/sorter live like students. So, Operation Get Our House Sorted is officially underway! As I tried to coax myself out from under the duvet yesterday morning, I dreamed up ways to make our room more comfortable. Getting rid of this dresser and doubling the size of our closet is pretty high on the list.


Autumn light and laptop keys. Yes, trusty Methuselah is still carrying on in her steady, occasionally rainbow-wheely way.  I keep threatening her, saying I’m going to get a MacbookAir soonsoonsoon! but she sees through my threats. She knows how much I love her.


That being said, actual changes– not just those pertaining to my laptop– are on the horizon.  Like changing my socks, for instance!  And oh, what a fun change this will be!  Over the weekend, David surprised me with two pairs of socks by my favourite sock company, Hansel from Basel (which I also wrote about here).  Hansel From Basel is an awesome LA-based company and David found these pairs at the shop at Bluebird in Chelsea.  I’m in love.  Obviously.


But I wasn’t quite ready to initiate a new pair of socks yesterday. Instead, I wore these tried and true silk beauties (also by Hansel From Basel) that are my absolute favourite.  They’re really cheerful, these polka-dots.


I have lots of projects on at the moment and all of them have a box. This requires a lot of time thinking in the box and out of the box. Accepting the box. Being one with the box. Breaking down the box. You know…


To be honest, I’ve been feeling a lot like my pen holder lately: jammed full. one of the biggest things I’m working on changing (which does not yet have a box) is restructuring my days so I can maximise my time, my space and my productivity. I need to be less jammed full and more fulfilled.


I also want to maximise my time with David. Lately, he and I have been passing each other like ghosts in the night. He’s gone before I’m up and I’m sliding my key in the door just as he’s going to bed. When I chose these two rings as my wedding rings, I wanted them to symbolise two people working together but moving separately through life. The together bit of that needs a little focus these days. Marriage– it’s a balance. And it’s work*.


This is a snippet of a personal project I’m working on. I’m still in the story-boarding phase but I like where it’s going. I only have a few more weeks to get it done (!!!), so I’m hoping to share it in early December. Get excited, people!


This time of year is full of changes. Changing light. Changing leaves. Changing seasons.  Being born in October, it’s no wonder I’m addicted to change.


Beautiful things from LA seems to be a mini trend in this post. This, my friends, is a gorgeous letter from my friend Natalie, who always has the best stationery and lives in– you guessed it!– LA. This was a very welcome piece of post to receive as I’ve been missing her like crazy lately. Love you, Natalie!


After work, David and I left for the train station as we were off to have dinner in London with the ever-charming Peter of Artful Consulting.  It was nice to have some Together Time on the train. Modern romance, le sigh…


And within the hour we were at London Bridge. Isn’t this flower shop the cutest? I don’t buy enough flowers– I should at that to my To-Change list.


Upon our arrival, our gracious host offered us delicious hors d’oeuvres and wine.  But the best part? The conversation.


You know those evenings where you talk with someone and it’s exactly the conversation that you needed to have in order to reinforce everything you’ve been thinking, obsessively mulling over and challenging yourself to commit to paper?


Last night was one of those evenings. Everything from my obsession with kraft paper to my plan to fill my life with meaningful clients, collaborations and content was confirmed.


You know, every time I go to London I fall a little bit in love and daydream of living there. Wouldn’t it be great to… I think as I walk past restaurants I want to try, shops I’d like to explore and galleries full of curiosities.  London is great– so great!


But Tunbridge Wells is really great, too.  I’m not yet ready for a change that big.  But maybe one day, because wouldn’t it be nice to….

As always, dearest reader, thank you for letting me share my day with you.  And remember, if you would like to share a Tuesday With Vous, scan the details and get in touch! I’d love to have you.

*Don’t worry, Mom, everything’s fine. Promise!

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