Tuesday With Moi

Tuesday, September 24th, 2013

This is going to be short and sweet.
Edited to add: HAHAHA just kidding!


I realised this week that my favourite jacket is (gulp) ten years old.  It’s just a cheap jacket that I got at a store in Brussels when I lived there as a teenager. And whilst it’s kind of sad that I still wear it all. the. time. I think it’s quite fabulous, too.

But lately, I’ve come to accept that maybe it’s time for an update/addition to my jacket collection, so I’m looking for a local seamstress to work with in making another jacket similar to this in a beautiful grey wool.  I have a few amendments I’d like to make to the design, too, so if you know a talented local seamstress who’d be up to the challenge, please let me know!


Le Chat’s a creepin’.  Morning snuggle sesh, initiated!  (How crazy is that bushy tail, right?!)  10

The mornings this week have been wonderfully foggy and totally gorgeous. (Think the end of Pride & Prejudice where Keira Knightley wanders through the fog in her fab long-coat and Mr. Darcy gloomily walks toward her in his own long-coat.  FATE!)   11

So I adopted this Ladybug last week at work.  She (because they’re all ladies, right?) must’ve gotten too close to a light because one of her polka-dotted wings was burnt and shriveled, which made my heart break. I’ve been keeping an eye on her for the last couple days so when I found her dead on Tuesday morning my heart obviously broke again.  After this photo was taken, I let her fly one last time out the back window and into the graveyard below.  :(


I’ve been working on a very exciting project recently and these are some of the words that we’re meditating on as we share the ethos of the company.  My elephant is really happy about it. So am I.


Coming back from lunch it became very real to me that ohmygosh it’s autumn.  Sing it with me, It’s the MOST wonderful time of the year!!!!


As much as I’m like, YAY YESTERDAY WAS SO FUN!, really, it was kind of frustrating.  Just one of those days where technology was against me and random details were hanging me up.  I kept eying the sharpest utensils on my desk and wanting to gouge them into my eyes.


So. Because I was kinda like Ugh. about work I did something I’ve never done before and filled out one of those surveys that you’re every now and again prompted to fill out when you’re at the register of some conglomerate.  “Hi, I’m Brian! Welcome to Best Buy and oh! You’ve been randomly selected to fill out our survey! Just go to BestBuy.com and….” Whenever this happens I’m all like, yeaaaah, no.  BUT, Patrick at M&S was really nice and showed me the cute certificate he gets for having customers fill out surveys and brag about him, so I thought what. the. heck. and I did it.  I hope Patrick gets another certificate to carry in his wallet and to cherish forever and for always!


Oh, hi.


Some people have stress balls, I have stress penguins.  Sometimes I just shake the penguins really hard and make the water all frothy when I need to let off some stream.  I did that right after I took this picture, actually.


And then I went home and lit some candles to reeeeeelaaaaaaaxxxx.  Mmmmmmmmmm.


I used the last of our farm-fresh tomatoes in making this. They’re mind-blowingly delicious. I hope we can get our  hands on a few more before the season’s totally over.


On the way to TWWriters!  HI AGAIN!


My jacket & scarf on the table at The Black Pig. It’s an Indian summer and it’s too warm for such things!


Talking, Part I.


Talking, Part II.

After enjoying a wonderful evening with my writer friends, who I hadn’t seen in over a month!!!, I went home and caught up with Breaking Bad.  Obviously, BB was sooooo absorbing that I forgot to take a midnight photo.  Please forgive me.


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