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Tuesday, August 20, 2013


I felt like being a little square yesterday and I think David’s shirt, hanging from the closet door, is what prompted my preference for squares.  So here you have it, the first square TWM. 9

I bought this rhubarb jam a few weeks ago at a farm shop and I kid you not, when it’s gone, I’m going to cry so many tears.  It is delicious.  When I stir it into greek yoghurt, I’m transported back to my kitchen in Brussels where I used to eat the best rhubarb yoghurt known to mankind.  We bought it from this little milk truck that came to our Sunday market and the yoghurt, white with rhubarb compote settled at the bottom, came in small glass jars that I’d wash out and bring back the following week when I bought more. It was magical.  Rhubarb jam.  I love thee.

I’m growing herbs from seeds!  It’s so exciting to see them inch up higher and higher every day.  I waited for what felt like forever for them to breach the top of the soil, but now they’re growing beautifully and will soon turn into delicious additions to salads, pastas, omelettes and roasts.  Everything, really. Delicious in everything!  I think this pot is cilantro.  I think….11

I’m very particular about my pens.  For years, I’ve been using Pilot G-2 0.38 pens in black but I just can’t find them in that size here in the UK. (Before you say it, yes, I could probably just order them online but I think it’s a little obnoxious to order just one pack of pens online. Plus, ordering online totally takes the fun out of the hunt.  It’s too easy. Boring.) Anyway, Muji to the rescue!  I now have lots of skinny pens in colours (blue! light blue! red!) and one not-so-skinny pen in black (they didn’t have it in 0.38 at the time, sadtimes) and together, they make me very happy.  Hurrah! 12

I’ve noticed lately that it’s really important for me to take short breaks away from my computer a couple times a day.  You know, work solidly for 90 minutes, then take a 20 minute break to do something that doesn’t involve a screen.  One of my new distraction occupations is combing Le Chat.  I comb her for about 10 minutes a day, which she used to hate but has come to love.  No lie, every time I comb her, I collect a giant ball of hair like this one.  Not only is the Le Chat getting prettier, my carpets are also a lot less hairy, which is fantastic! Can you imagine having fur like this?! Crazy.

Yes, I’m one of those weirdos who still buys CDs.  I’m like an old man that way.  Yesterday, I was having a grand time listening to Dave Brubeck.  It’s great getting-it-done music, actually.  Now that I think about it, I guess I’m like an old man in lots of ways…

On my way to the office, I noticed that the construction site on my street now has a giant crane!  They’re building condos, I think.  Go figure. Better sell our flat before some identical new ones pop up! 15

This was weird: for my three o’clock photo I was standing at the window looking for something to take a picture of when a man who was walking down the drive toward our building stopped about forty feet away and stared directly at me.  After about three seconds of straight-on staring, I decided to move further into the office, but he just kept looking up and so I continued to inch further and further away from the window until finally, about a minute later, he turned around and walked back up to the main road, never to be seen again.  It was quite startling.  Whilst hiding from his gaze on the other end of the office, I took a picture of this chair.  Very interesting, I know… Moral of the story: people be crazy. 16

View from my post-it note covered desk.  17

A peek at a Recipe Book mock-up I did for Yophoto.  Also, they’re having a sale right now (20% off all 20x20cm Printed Cover Books with the code 20off20 at checkout) so be sure to pop over if you’re interested in making a photobook (or recipe book!).  Personally, I love the idea of a recipe book.  I love cooking (or, rather, I love when David cooks) and love taking pictures of our homemade food and I think making a bespoke cook book full of your favourite at-home recipes is a fantastic gift idea! (And now you all know what I’m getting you for Christmas, fa la la la la!)

Since I’ve been brushing her, Le Chat has fallen even more in love with me.  I had to barricade myself in a wall of books and bags yesterday so she didn’t harass me as I was finishing up some work on the couch.  She really is so needy.  Le sigh… 19

After closing down my laptop for the day, I walked to Camden Road for a Private View at Art Pull20

Yesterday through to Saturday, August 31st, Disgusted! will be in the gallery.  Mike Flight is the gent behind the show, which is a collection of street art and graffiti.  I couldn’t find their facebook page, but if someone illuminates me with its identity, I’ll be sure to update it here.  21

Remember Ed and Liam?  In this picture, they’re my fun, disapproving friends (let’s call them Will & Grace) and I am their loud, inappropriate brunette friend (let’s just call me Karen).  We’re a great team! 22

And yes, SURPRISE, we went out for a post-art gallery drink to talk about some things we have in the works for Artists Unveiled (so much is happening). Thanks for the photo, Liam! 23

And then we stayed out way too late and had to get kicked out of the pub.  Story of my life & THE END.

Thanks for taking a moment to check out this week’s Tuesday.  Remember, if you’re someone who kinda/sorta/totally would like to contribute to Tuesday With Vous, you’re more than welcome to do so.  Just check out the details and send me an email (kate at ladykatherinesims.com).  I’d love to feature you and see what you get up to!

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