Tuesday With Moi

Tuesday, July 24, 2013


The spell has broken and rain has again returned to England.  The morning was wet, the air smelled of earth, growth, life. 9

I did some baby exercises with my big blue ball.  10Not exercises for baby, just very small exercises.

Then I untangled some necklaces before going to the office. 11

At the office, my officemate and I got lots of important work done.  For one, we chose a few names for the Royal Baby.  Our top contenders are Prince Ogshort Boner Lewis of Cambridge, Prince Comes More of Cambridge, or Prince Robert Rubbish of Cambridge. But knowing the Royals (as I do, intimately) they’ll probably go with something like Edward and be done with it.  Boring! 12

Staying hydrated.  It’s very important, or so I’ve heard. 13

Rainstorm watching whilst trying to catch a breeze. 14

Visiting my friends at Create DM for a little bit of inspiration.  Our inspiration activity was figuring out what the hell “twerking” is (still a little confused, to be honest) and a crash-course in what Storm Troopers are.  Don’t even get me started… 15

Then I spied on the neighbors.  16Nothing interesting.

Yes, I wore my pajamas to work yesterday (but only on the top half!) because I’m a classy and professional lady. Also because it was hot hot hot. So hot!

And here’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for…. Ladies and Gentlemen, Lords and Ladies, may I present his Highness, the Royal Baby, Prince Zealous Stone of Cambridge!  Maybe?

Eventually, I tired of baby watching and switched my attention to rainstorm watching.

But the rainstorm never came and so my glass of rosé and I sweated it out together on the sofa.

And Le Chat was there, too.  I swear to you, the minute I point a lens of Le Chat (who is now on TWITTER!) she yawns.  I could fill an entire wall with pictures of her just like this, yawning with her tongue curled and her cat breath coming out in a stinky stream.  Glamorous.

After a while I decided to pop out for a snack and some more wine but was denied purchase of alcohol as the local grocery store because I supposedly don’t look over 25 (WHAT.EVER.), sooo…

I walked to The Trading Post– where they know me and don’t ID me– to purchase a bottle or red (did you know that they sell take-away bottles of wine?  Because they do.  And it’s awesome.)  Whilst there, I accidentally ran into some friends/colleagues and arranged two business meetings for the following day.  All in all, a productive trip to the pub.

Then I went home and read a blog post that annoyed me.  So naturally I read all the comments to the blog post and got even more annoyed.  And then decided to go to bed, as I had a very early meeting this morning.  La-di-da.

The End.
Thanks for reading!

4 thoughts on “Tuesday With Moi

  1. Maya Nair

    I love reading your words and falling in love with your pictures.
    And I oh so absolutely LOVE that typewriter necklace.
    (<3 didn't flip to make an actual heart. boo.)


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