Tuesday With Vous: Matt Senior

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Name: Matt Senior
Location: Alton (Hampshire)
Occupation: Church Administrator (in the mornings), School IT Technician (in the afternoons).
Camera Used: Nikeon D60


As usual, my morning starts by being woken up by this guy.


Before leaving for work I need to wrestle my iPad from my daughter.


At my desk at the church. The piles on it have grown. That’s what I get for taking a day’s leave yesterday.


I take a stroll to the sound desk. Time for Sunday’s sermon to go online.


This fly has been buzzing around in an annoying way this morning. No longer. Indiana [the best bit of lost property ever to come into my office] thinks it may hold some archaeological value.


My colleague’s new desk fan is still amusing us in the office. A multi-lingual USB fan. Bleib Cool. Good advice.


Looking somewhat disheveled as I arrive at my afternoon job. That’s what wearing a motorcycle helmet does to you (that and not having got round to shaving for quite a few days).


In the library checking if a laptop has the relevant software.


Sorting through a tangle of headphones to see which work and which don’t.


Primary school science experiments: Sometimes they work, sometimes they really don’t.


Riding home through rural Hampshire.


Tea time.


 Looking out the bedroom window, waiting for the kids to fall asleep, and I spot the first hot air balloon of the season.


Making bread and listening to Bellowhead. Excellent.


It’s definitely time for coffee now.


Time for some uke practice. (We ukelele players never use its full name. Maybe? I don’t know, I only really starting playing 4 days ago).


This guy is up again. And he’s hungry.


So with tomorrow’s lunch cooling, I reckon it’s probably time for bed.

Many thanks to Matt for sharing his Tuesday with us.  Maybe I’ll rope him in for a bread recipe post one of these days, too.  Yum! 

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