Tuesday With Moi

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


As I was going about my morning yesterday, I completely forgot it was Tuesday and therefore forgot to take my 9 o’clock picture.  Silly me!  Anyway, the new Vampire Weekend album has been on repeat ’round these parts lately.  Their music always reminds me of summer and this release could’t have come at a better time.  11

Oh, except that England hasn’t really gotten the memo that it’s summer.   12

Anyway, Dear Reader, I want to introduce you to someone who is very important to me, Lucille.  Lucille, meet Dear Reader.

One of my clients gifted Lucille to me after we had a spirited conversation about taxidermy over lunch one afternoon.  Next thing I knew, Lucille came into my life. I couldn’t be happier.

Now, Lucille, play nice!  Do not bite Dear Reader.

And then the postman came and surprised me with a package. 15

Which turned out to be my Wild Wild West themed photobook from Yophoto!

Now, let me be straight: I’m actually doing some work for Yophoto so I didn’t have to pay to make this book. Regardless, what I’m about to say is 100% the gospel truth: I ordered this book on Monday and received it the very next day.  The book was easy– and fun!– to make, it looks and feels awesome, and it’s been very exciting to actually see my photos in print. When I showed David, he said, “How cool! You’ve created your very own coffee table book!” so that’s where the book is going to live, on the coffee table.  Cool, indeed!

Anyway, if you have any desire to print some of the pictures that are undoubtedly just sitting on your computer, being viewed by no one, I cannot recommend Yophoto enough.  They do a range of photobooks in addition to canvas prints and calendars and they ship internationally.  Now that I’ve experienced making one, I want to make a photobook for everything.  Like a Tuesday With Moi photobook– how cool would that be?!  16

Anyway, Lucille again.  Hi Lucille!  17

And hello to England again, too.  I asked David what the weather was like this morning and his reply was, “Autumnal”.  :(

But I suppose this is great weather for snails, so hurrah for them!

Lately, David and I have both been working on a pretty non-stop basis.  When I came home last night, I decided that we needed to spend some time with each other without our computers in front of our faces so we went to The Trading Post.  20

Of course, all the location change actually did was prompt us to talk about our work in a new environment, but regardless, it was nice to actually spend some time together.  Alone.  In public.  Drinking wine and eating some food.  You know?

On our way home, we did some window shopping and daydreamed about owning things like decorative lions and arm chairs. 22

And then we had a night cap and went to bed.  I’ve been very tired lately.  I think it’s largely due to the fact that I hit the ground running when I came back from the US and haven’t really given my body the time to rest the way it would like to. So last night, I went to bed early.

And it was glorious!

The End.

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