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Tuesday, June 4, 2013
Jet Lag Edition

9You guys, I am so tired.  Though my trip to The States was fantastic, it’s great to be home and I’m thrilled to be falling back into my daily routine.  My mom sent me back to the UK with a suitcase full of handmade pottery and now, every time I eat off one of her plates or sip from one of her mugs, I think of her.  She’s sweet.  Also, amazingly talented.

10Back at work, one of my office-mates left me a little smiley face to come back to.  Tunbridge Wells Talent, indeed!

11Like I said, I’m tired.  This is my brain on jet lag.  And yes, my brain greatly resembles a pile of yarn.  These days, it’s about as functional as one, too.

12To keep myself awake, I pracercised around the office to make the blood flow back to my brain.  If you haven’t seen Prancercise, you’re missing out. I love it.  All of it.

13After spending over two weeks away from David, we’ve been trying to cram as much catch-up time in as possible.  Yesterday, we enjoyed a delicious lunch on the sidewalk at Basil where we pretended it was actually warm enough to eat outside and that I was actually not grumpy, which I was.  Because I’m jet lagged.

14You know, there is no elegant way to eat popcorn.  It’s a simple fact of life that always, no matter how ladylike you try to be, you end up looking like a total savage if you endeavour to eat more than one piece at a time.  Alas, my love for popcorn conquers all so here I am: Kate Sims, Popcorn Savage.

15I moved my workspace from my desk to the Barcelona chair and, whilst getting some stuff done, I checked in on the Federer/Tsona match.  Oh Federer. OH FEDERER.  Le sigh.

16Another work of art by my office-mate.  He should open an Etsy shop or something.

17By this point, I could barely stand, I was so tired.  Gazing out the office window, I dreamed of feather pillows, duvet cocoons, and hours of endless slumber.

18And I trudged home sadly, knowing it would still be many hours before bedtime.

19Why? Because I was meeting Carolyn at the opening of Art Pull, the new gallery on Camden Road that will host a rotating collection of work and lectures by many talented artists over the next couple months.  This painting is by one of the founding members, Mark Paul Perry.

20This sculpture, entitled Born, is also by Mark Paul Perry.  I was really impressed by the scope of Perry’s work and am excited to see how his presence in Tunbridge Wells shapes the art scene here.

21After meeting many new friends at Art Pull, Carolyn and I wandered down to The Black Pig to see the Tunbridge Wells Writers.  After missing the last two meetings, it was fantastic to catch up with the likes of Lucy and Rosie.

22In fact, it was fantastic to catch up with everyone!  Somewhere around this time, my second wind kicked in.

23So, though I said I was only going to stay for one, I stayed for three instead.  Which wasn’t bad as, after making my way home at the end of the evening, I slept amazingly well am happy to report that today, I’m not quite so tired.  But I’m still a little tired.   I can’t help it, it’s jet lag.

Anyway, it’s good to be back, dear reader, and it’s good of you to stop by.  xx

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    1. katherine Post author

      Thanks, Jeremy! It wouldn’t surprise me at all if that is exactly what my brain looked like, sadly.


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