Tuesday With Vous: Liam Rogers

Tuesday, May 21, 2014

Name: Liam Rogers
Location: Royal Tunbridge Wells
Occupation: Photographer / Filmmaker / Artist / Business Development and Marketing
Camera: Nikon D300 + Nikon D5100

Tuesday begins with three dreams.

tuesday_with_vous-1Dream One.

tuesday_with_vous-2Dream Two.

tuesday_with_vous-3Dream Three.

I awake.

tuesday_with_vous-4The first thing I see.

tuesday_with_vous-5Reduce choice. Colour block.

tuesday_with_vous-6The birds.

tuesday_with_vous-7Effervescent orange.

tuesday_with_vous-8Assessing former representation of myself.

tuesday_with_vous-9It’s not easy picking green.


tuesday_with_vous-11Still life.

tuesday_with_vous-12Good luck, bad look.



tuesday_with_vous-15More colour choices.

tuesday_with_vous-16Organic light.


The Talking Clock dictates that time passing costs 37p.

tuesday_with_vous-18Remembrance of things past.

tuesday_with_vous-19To dream once more.

Oh Liam, wonderful Liam!, thank you a million times over for sharing your Tuesday with us.  And thank you, reader, for following along!  If you would like to share your Tuesday with us (all of us!) all the information is right here.  Also, make sure you follow Liam on Twitter, which is where we met and our story begins.  Romantic, no?  xx 

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