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Minnesota+Rainstorm+7 Minnesota+Rainstorm+8

Minnesota+Rainstorm+3 Minnesota+Rainstorm+4 Minnesota+Rainstorm+9Clearly, when I said “tomorrow” in my last post, I meant Saturday.  I was a little too busy yesterday to post anything.  Why?  BECAUSE I FLEW TO MINNESOTA!  Surprise!

Yesterday afternoon, after 9.5 hours in a flying gas chamber (aka airplane), I arrived in the Land of 10,000 Lakes for my dad’s birthday.  He didn’t know I was coming.  It was cute.  This morning, I woke up at 6:15 to a glorious Minnesotan thunderstorm and, whilst the rest of the house slept (and is still sleeping even at 9:45) I took my coffee and camera to the porch and watched the sky flicker with lightning and the rain pour down.  It’s still going on, actually.  Guess I brought the grey English skies along with me.  Hurrah!

Now that the secret’s out, I’m free to dish all the details: I’ll be in The States for two weeks.  In that time, I’ll be visiting all my favourite Minnesotan spots and taking a trip in an RV to the wild wild west to pet bison and make friends with grizzly bears.  Obviously, I’ll share these adventures with you here.  But today, just enjoy the thunderstorm; breath deeply and inhale the world around you.  xx

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