Tuesday With Moi

Tuesday, May 7 

As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve been playing around with my watercolour paints recently.  I was never taught to paint, unless a few classes with an exasperated art teacher in middle school count, so most of what I paint is decidedly horrible, but I’m figuring it out and enjoying it.  A lot.


England has been absolutely beautiful recently.  It’s been great to see the sun again, great to leave the house without a jacket or an umbrella.  Every day, I fall a little bit more in love with this place.

I’m lucky to work somewhere that gets so much natural light, so much fresh air.  Morning meetings aren’t so bad when you work from a room with a view.

Now that it’s summer (I can say it’s summer if I want to say it’s summer, okay), I don’t feel the need to exclusively consume hot beverages, so I’m back to drinking water.  I’ve had my Earthlust stainless steel bottle for years and I really love it.  If you’re in the UK, I just noticed that you can buy them online at Not on the High Street.  I highly recommend you get one.

Flipping through the most recent Contact Creative Illustration book.  I especially like the illustrations by James Hood on the right.  His work makes me smile.

It’s almost magical, the way the world comes alive around us each spring. These (overblown) blossoms hang on a tree near my office.  They’re beautiful.  I’ll be sad to see them go but am so excited for all things summer.

This is my pipe.  I brought it to the office one day as a joke and it’s just been sitting in its little box on my desk ever since.  The pipe was given to me by a dear friend on my twenty-second birthday and I love that it smells like a grandfather but is dainty enough for a lady.  I’ll have to find some tobcacco and take it out for a summer stroll sometime soon.  Me and my pipe.  So sweet.

Multitasking, indeed!  This week is crazy busy, which is fantastic.  In fact, the next month looks like it’s going to be non-stop and I’m already gearing up for hyper-drive.  You don’t even want to know how many tabs I have open right now…17

Working on my blog calendar, which I generally plan a week in advance.  I also have calendars like this for each of my clients.  It may seem overwhelming, but when it comes to staying organised, I’m still very much a pen and paper kinda girl.  I like being able to spread all my project calendars out in front of me and see what’s happening when without toggling between windows.  My to-do lists are all still done by hand, too.  It works for me.  For now.

Spoon selfie. 19

East of Eden is definitely in my top five favourite books.  Every time I read it, it reveals something new, every time I read it, it’s even more beautiful. I lent this copy to my friend Paul before he went on vacation a few weeks ago.  He returned it yesterday and said he loved it.  I love it when my friends love the books I love.  It makes me feel warm and fuzzy. 20.2

The blue hour in my living room.  Literally, the light is so blue. 21

My eyes were tired last night and my head was a little achy so I opted for soft candlelight to illuminate the evening.  I love the sound, the scent, and the soft glow of matches.

And I love how lighting a candle can make an evening feel suddenly special.

After a busy day, it was time for rest, time to dream up stories and re-charge for new adventures.  And oh, what exciting adventures they will be!

As always, thank you for spending my Tuesday with me.  xx

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