Tuesday With Vous: Carolyn Gray Edition

I knew who Carolyn was long before we actually met due to the fact that, though she’s far too humble to admit it, she plays a key role in making sure a great number of local organisations and causes get the attention and community care they need. On top of volunteering for this, that, and the other (this post included!), she runs a terrific blog and manages to stay up-to-date on all the local Twitter happenings (follow her at @CarolynTGray). I’m incredibly grateful to count her as a TWV contributor and I hope you enjoy this behind-the-scenes look at her Tuesday.     

When I first met Lady Katherine, she said “Oh Wow! You are the Queen of twitter”, but I think that may be a bit of an over statement. However, because of social media I have gotten involved in a lot of projects, which are taking up my life while I have no full-time work.

I had a polaroid camera when I was about eight, and was always writing stories, and then poems, and knitting and sewing, so I guess those things have never gone away. Currently, while looking after a household of increasingly tall children, I’m writing articles for several local free magazines. I’m also on the committee of my local (Grosvenor and Hilbert) park friends group, and help make their newsletter. We are planning a big Family Day for the 6th of May, so that’s taking a lot of time. I took on tweeting for Tunbridge Wells Writers group, and manage several facebook pages, too.

Tuesday, April 9th


School holidays so I’m up later than normal. First thing, coffee and a twitter catch-up!

Our dishwasher has stopped working properly… 

My Darling-Daughter and I need to go into town, but it’s still raining. Our cat goes outside, but won’t pose for a photo.
DD and I are walking into town, dodging puddles.
Bonus photo, we should have got here for 11:00 but were late….(trying too hard)
We were between having a coffee in Costa, and applying for DD passport in Post Office. Looking backwards was the better view (is that often the case?)
Lunch-time, at home.
Checking emails, and tweeting for Tunbridge Wells Writers.
15I’ve gone to the drizzly park to meet ‘a man from the council’ and another committee member to assess the field before the Family Day. Local springs are literally springing up all along the far edge of the football pitch….
16Drying out the maps from the park, we are also having to plan around repairs to a broken Victorian wall. (I’m resisting writing a history lesson here….)
17Getting ready to go out, to knitting and writers groups. Only once in a blue moon do they fall on the same Tuesday.
1818.5Two bonus photos as I race along the High Street.  As usual I’ve met someone I know while walking and got talking, not at knitting group at 6pm as I’d hoped.
18.6Second challenge of my day, at knitting group we are going to test patterns in a “30 minute knits” book.
19Happily knitting and nattering in Javabean.
20Knitted crowns, as you do.
21A short trip back along the road to see what the writers are up to. Meeting in the ‘gallery’ area of The Black Pig as there is a function in the function room.
When the fifteenth alarm of the day goes off I’m thinking it must be time to go home and stop the alarms – snooze or dismiss at 22:00?
Home, but phone is full of all these notifications, I feel the need to read them all before sleeping. Midnight, pleased to no longer have an alarm going off, and thinking about what I’m doing!
Many thanks to Carolyn for contributing to this week’s Tuesday With Vous.  If you’d like to contribute, you can find all the information here, or just drop me an email at kate (at) ladykatherinesims.com. 

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