We Shop Local

David and I always try our best to support local businesses.  Generally, we’re pretty good, but sometimes, well, sometimes it’s just too easy to pop out to the grocery chain around the corner to pick up whatever our cupboards (or bellies) may need.  But here’s the thing about me and David, we’d rather do things that are interesting than easy, so we’ve made a commitment to each other to buy all our food locally.  Farm stalls, veg stands, butcher shops, and coffee roasters– and we’re committed to not just buy food from local shops, but to buy local food from local shops.  Shop+Local+1 Shop+Local+3Shop+Local+2Shop+Local+4On Saturday, with coffees from Basil in hand, we took a leisurely 3.7 mile stroll through town collecting our favourite foods: bread from La Roche, locally-sourced meats from Peter Speaight, cheese from Gill Wing Farm Shop, fruit and veg from Locality, and coffee from Ismail.  We had a lot of fun planning our meals in advance and walking from shop to shop.  We also enjoyed knowing that every pound we spent will support a local business and that by shopping local, we’re learning more about the marvellous people who make up the fabric of our community.

Our bellies and our hearts are happy.  xx

2 thoughts on “We Shop Local

  1. Tony

    Ah – but is your purse happy? I know this a predictable response and I’m all in favour of promoting local companies and produce, but how much more does it cost you to buy locally rather than the local supermarket? For many people today, the price is much more important than where it comes from.

    1. katherine Post author

      Thanks for the comment, Tony! You’re absolutely right- for many people it’s difficult to justify spending more on local produce/goods. We’re lucky that we only have two mouths to feed and don’t need to worry too much about how much we’re spending week-on-week. Generally, David and I do our shopping multiple times a week, picking up things we need from a combination of locally-owned shops and convenient chain stores. This week was the first time we resolved to shop only at local shops. In managing for what we value (a thriving local community), we’re also better managing our health (we thoughtfully planned in advance for the meals we wanted to eat, picked from a range of v. healthy produce, and walked to multiple shops to get it) and our money (we weren’t tempted by two-for-one offers or buying things on a whim). Though we aren’t the best budgeters in the world and don’t know exactly how much we’ve spent in the past, we both figured we spent roughly the same amount on food this week as we would normally. Even if it was a little more, to us, it’s worth it.


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