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Girls, Girls, Girls



IWD1Friday was International Women’s Day, and while I understand the sentiment some western women expressed– I mean, a women’s day?  Why not an international humanity day?– I think the day gave us a great opportunity to reflect on how awesome we (WOMEN) are, to celebrate our successes and focus our attention on groups of women around the world– and at home– who don’t have the freedoms and opportunities that many of us enjoy on the regular.  Freedoms like voicing a dissenting opinion, enjoying sex, healthily caring for our bodies, standing up for our beliefs, working, and chasing our dreams.  These freedoms may seem hum-drum to some, but they’re downright radical to so many women here, there, everywhere.   We must never forget that.

As such, I was delighted to join an inspiring group of women who support the cause at Juliets on Friday evening.  Under a canopy of green and cream bunting, I made new friends (hi, guys!), snacked on delicious cakes, and was treated to beautiful music by a lovely lady whose name* I forgot but whose perfect ringlets I will always remember.  Many, many thanks to Rosie Mockett for organising the event, to Juliets for hosting, and to Oxfam for bringing the books and helping to make this world a more beautiful place!  xx

*UPDATE: Jennifer Lee Ridley was the wonderful songstress with the beautiful tresses. Her music is so lyrically rich and her voice is captivating.

@ Woodbury Park Cemetery

Woodbury+Park+Cemetary+1 Woodbury+Park+Cemetary+2 Woodbury+Park+Cemetary+3 Woodbury+Park+Cemetary+4The Warehouse overlooks a graveyard.  When guests stop by, we like to jerk our thumbs at the back windows and joke about how lucky we are to have such quiet neighbours.  From the windows, the graveyard looks small and tidy, with a looping path through the mossy headstones and large trees looming overhead.  This morning, I cast my bucket into the inspiration well and time and time again, it came up dry.  My heart was longing for adventure and my work was missing that spark of energy that so easily ignites most days, so I tied my pink laces, grabbed my camera, and headed for the graveyard.

As it turns out, Woodbury Park Cemetery is much larger than our view from the office suggests.  The cemetery was founded in 1849 and, until its capacity was reached in 1873, it was the final resting place to some 6,000 souls.  Of that number, 650 monuments still remain on the grounds and it’s quiet pleasant to walk among the graves of Reverend Henry Thomas Austen and other notable men of the Victorian age in a bubble of birdsong and peacefulness.  Well, it wasn’t quiet so pleasant today seeing as the path was slick with mud and the rain dribbled down in the most depressing manner, but when the sun is out, I can imagine the cemetery to be a lovely place for a stroll and ponder.  C’mon spring!     

p.s. Who else thinks it’s funny that John and Mary wood were buried under that stump?  Only me?  Oh, okay.

Tuesday With Moi

Tuesday, March 5th
Beverages, Mostly


I’ve come to realise that my life revolves around beverages.  Coffee all morning, a beer for lunch, tea throughout the afternoon and drinks with friends after work.  I use whiskey bottles as flower vases, wine bottles as candle holders, and tea tins as catch-alls.  Before bed, I drink two big glasses of water and fill a third to keep by the bed.  When I wake in the morning, it’s empty and I reach for the coffee pot.

Lunch at St. John

Pernod+at+St+JohnWhen I find a restaurant I really like, I’m happy to eat there time and time again ad infinitum.  In Brussels, it was a small neighbourhood place called Via Rome, in Minneapolis it’s French Meadow, in Boston it’s The Franklin, Toro, or Hungry Mother, and in London it’s St. John.  What do all these places have in common?  They’re comfortable, they serve consistently good food and they have a staff that takes good care of their clientele while reinforcing the overall ethos of the restaurant.

As such, it was a no-brainer that David and I booked our anniversary lunch at St. John yesterday.  I had big plans to document our day (and meal) in pictures.  I wanted to capture the soft light, rows of tables and hooks that hung heavy with jackets along the wall to share the ambiance of the restaurant with you.  I wanted to take photos of the mackerel with pulpy horseradish that made my gums tingle, of the purple-green broccoli vinaigrette, and the softness of the rhubarb trifle, but as I focused my lens on David taking a sip of Pernod, I realised that I didn’t want to spend my anniversary with my eye behind a viewfinder.  I didn’t want to live tweet it or instagram each course.  No.  I just wanted to enjoy it.  So I did.

Thank you for the sweet comments, tweets, emails and texts over the weekend, you guys.  We had a lovely day and an absolutely lovely meal.  I hope you did, too.  xx

One Year

oneyearSunday is our one year wedding anniversary.  The two of us are going to celebrate quietly and simply.  We’re going to eat well, we’re going to drink Manhattans, and we’re going to say “I love you” more often than we already do.  It’s going to be a lot of fun!

I hope you say “I love you” to someone and have a fun weekend, too.  Kisses!