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Tuesday, March 19th
Poetry & Bow Ties

8.2My friend Kristy, who’s an amazing food maker as well as a  food and lifestyle stylist, just launched her website and I want to try all the recipes.  I started by waking early and trying my hand at these simple scones which I drizzled with honey as soon as they were out of the oven.  David and I enjoyed them with mugs of piping hot coffee.

9Yesterday was a bow tie day.  I was going to a poetry reading after work and thought a little neck decoration was in order.  I also had to make up for the fact that my shirt was horrifically wrinkled; there’s nothing like a bow tie to give wrinkled linen some polish.

10At The Warehouse, my tulips were on their last legs.  Last stems?  Whatever.  I love watching the metamorphosis of flowers but I’m always sad to see them go.

11Do you guys remember Kid Nation?  That show that took 40 kids, ages 8 to 15, and put them in a New Mexico ghost town to fend for themselves?  It was kind of Hunger Games-ey, now that I’m looking back, but was also oddly inspiring.  It’s been six years since the show aired and I’m curious to know how all those kids are getting on.  Therefor, I propose someone start a Kickstarter campaign to fund a follow-up documentary about what the kids (some of which are not kids anymore) are up to. Like, I want to know who had a teen pregnancy, who got accepted to MIT at the age of 12, and which of the gold star recipients still has their star displayed in their bedroom.  I want to know it all, dear reader, and I’m sorry but I’m not sorry if that makes me a creep.

12These are the shoes I wear when I need to reach things that are up on the high shelf or when I generally just want to feel tall.  I used to wear them all the time in Boston, but my life in the UK keeps me in flats and rain boots most of the time.  Last week, my feet were itching for shoes with a proper heel so I wore them around the office.

13What I love about working so close to home is that I can pop back for lunch and finish my delicious leftovers.  Yesterday, it was a lamb sandwich with a side of (cold) roast potatoes and parsnips.  Delicious!

14I noticed the brick pattern on the building next to The Warehouse for the first time yesterday.  I quite like these shapes and wonder if they have any meaning.

15 Gerry‘s father painted the picture that frames me throughout the working day.  I feel really lucky to have it behind me.

16The clouds broke, the sun came out, and the first petals from my tulip began to fall.  (And this is what they look like today. Jeepers!)

17I’m so glad the days are getting longer.  I love the afternoon sun in the office.

18And though I was sad to see the sun go, the sunset was quite lovely.

19 The Tunbridge Wells Writers met at Javabean Café for an evening of poetry reading and camaraderie.  James Bowdon’s work, Hunting in the Rain, is currently on display in the café; I think his illustrations are just lovely.  Imaginative, bold and a little bit cheeky– this one is called Rabbit Girl.

20The actual reading began around 7:30.  This is Alison reading her beautiful poem, Aphrodite.   I was so inspired by everyone who got up and shared last night and I’m already looking forward to our next poetry night.  Maybe at the next one I’ll actually read…

21It was so sweet that Javebean stayed open late for us.  Their team is enormously welcoming and kind and I love that they encourage groups to use their space for gatherings and events.  To stay up to date with what’s happening in the café, follow them on Twitter.

22 Whilst chatting, I snapped another Hunting in the Rain piece.  This one is called Lemon and I really love it.  (For more about Hunting in the Rain, check out this piece by Anke.)

23Of course, as I so often do, I made the genius decision to have one more glass of wine with the folks at Twuddle.  I lent my camera to Richard for the final picture of the night and here I am!, blurry but still rocking my bow tie which, by the way, was a huge hit.

And that was my Tuesday, dear reader.  Thank you for reading and don’t forget, if you want to contribute to TWV, drop me an email!  It’s a great way to showcase your work, give us a peek at what goes on behind the scenes in your cafe/studio/store/cubicle, and share your passions and interests with others.  xx

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