Tuesday With Moi

Tuesday, March 12th

9I woke up and England was once again a winter wonderland.


The snow was wet and slick and I just couldn’t bring myself to walk the three minutes through the slush to get to work.

11So I poured myself a cafetière, built myself a nest of blankets, and worked from the couch.

12Around noon, the sun came out and the snow began to melt.


For weeks now, England has been flirting with spring.  Sometimes it’s sunny with a warm breeze and blossoms coyly bud on the trees, and sometimes we’re trapped inside a snow globe where the flakes never seem to settle.

14Le Chat doesn’t seem to mind the weather’s fickle ways.  Her life is good so long as she has somewhere warm to curl up and doze.  My shutter woke her from one of her naps and I was able to catch her yawning. I love it when she yawns and I literally have a whole collection of photos I’ve taken of her with her mouth open, her little fangs glistening like daggers.  She’s cute.  I’m glad we brought her with us from America; she’s been a good friend.

15Speaking of America, Sunday marked my tenth month in the UK.  I feel I’ve been wrapped in sweaters for the entire ten months that we’ve lived here and I’m getting a little tired of it.  I’m looking forward to summer.


I’m looking forward to fresh fruit and garden grown veggies.  I’m looking forward to picnics.  I’m looking forward to eating my eggs out on the lawn.

17But those days are still far away.  We must focus on the now.  And this is what I look like right now. Hi!

18The snow had almost all melted.  I walked to the office to retrieve some things I needed and was so pleased to still have daylight so late in the evening.

19Back at home, Le Chat played with my shark necklace while I finished up some work.

20And then it was again time to meet at the Black Pig with the Tunbridge Wells Writers.

21This is Lucy.  Lucy and I had matching braids.  Well, almost matching.

22After much wonderful conversation, it was time to go and time for me to put away the camera for the night.

And that was my Tuesday.  As always, thanks for reading.  XO

2 thoughts on “Tuesday With Moi

  1. Randall P. McMurphy

    17:00 – Aww, don’t you look bright and perky! You should smile more often *ducks* Chestnut highlights… never noticed them in the gloom of the BP :)


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