A Dog Like Millie





Lately, I’ve found the idea of long morning walks with a dog pulling at a lead really attractive.  I like the purposefulness of taking a dog out, I like their energy and watching them run in easy leaps and bounds.  On Saturday, David and I dog-sat for some friends and got to spend the day with Millie.  We took her on a long walk through town and really wore her out.  Wore ourselves out, too.  I liked having Millie with me, liked the friendliness of strangers when they passed us on the sidewalk, liked witnessing her curiosity as she nosed the ground and explored new scents, liked throwing a stick as far as I could and knowing she’d bring it right back.

We’re not allowed dogs in our current flat, but I’ll make sure they’re welcome in our next one.  David and I would really like to have a dog like Millie.

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