Tuesday With Moi

Tuesday, February 26th

8I had an aha! moment over the weekend.  I’ve been in need of a subtle reading light in our bedroom that will allow David to sleep whilst I’m living the life of an insomniac– reading, drawing, writing in bed on nights when sleep is difficult to find.  To solve my problem, I had the genius idea of putting a nail in the wall and hanging my twinkle lights in a messy bundle.  It provides a pleasant glow, is bright enough to read by, but subtle enough to sleep beside.  I love it!

9It’s been three weeks in the office, but I’ve finally established a routine of sorts.  Whilst I prepare myself for the world in the morning, I put on some toast and boil two eggs to bring to work.

10I’ve started using Muji notebooks at work.  As much as I love my Moleskines, they’re too precious for client doodles and brainstorm scribbles.  Muji notebooks, on the other hand, are perfectly utilitarian while still being simple and stylish.  I love.


These are our neighbours at the office.  Hi neighbours!  We like them ’cause they’re quiet.


I needed to give my work some space, so I treated myself to a fragrant and tasty afternoon snack.



And then, an hour later, I settled in for some lunch.  I like my boiled eggs with a soft yolk and drizzled with salt, pepper, and chili flakes.  I sometimes put paprika on them, too.  Simple, delicious.


My elephant helps me write.  He reminds me to bring a playfulness to my writing and to say thing simply, so even an elephant could understand.


This is the view out our front windows at work.  That little cul-des-ac area is going to be the bomb come summer. Outdoor workstation?  Yes, indeed!

16Another window, another view.  This is where the birds live.


Yesterday was my dear friend, Natalie‘s birthday.  She lives in LA and is amazing.  Facebook told me it was her birthday and, because I am a bad friend, I hadn’t sent her a card.  To partially redeem myself, I sketched this, photoshopped it, and sent it to her online.  Happy Birthday, Natalie!


Lo and behold, another friend of mine named Natalie had a birthday!  Hers was on Monday, so I made her a birthday picture, too.  This Natalie is a bartender in New York and, when I met her, she made me a mighty fine Manhattan.  Natalie has some really rad tattoo sleeves, but unfortunately my stick people’s don’t have thick enough arms to get inked.  Alas…


In the middle of the afternoon, I had received word that David and I were to have a surprise visitor for the evening, our nephew Joe was coming to visit from Cambridge.  He arrived just after seven and we had a meal together before kicking off the evening.


To start, I hurried off to The Black Pig for my Tunbridge Wells Writers meeting.

21I stayed for a while, hung out with the likes of my super-stylin’ friend, Lucy, and then made me exit.


I then walked to meet David, Ben and Joe at The Beau Nash for quiz night.  Now, dear reader, I do not often participate in quiz night and last night was proof as to why.


After many wrong answers and a particularly distressing moment when I couldn’t recall Garth Brook’s name to answer a question in the American Country Music category, our team found its way to last place. This, my friends, is the face of defeat.  :(  (Actually, it’s just the face of Joe, but close enough.)

After pub trivia and a chat with some friends, we made our way home and then to sleep.
Thank you for sharing my Tuesday with me.

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