Daffodils on My Desk

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You know when you’re dating someone and they start spending a lot of time at your house so you buy a spare toothbrush, which will feel like a big commitment, and then all of a sudden half their wardrobe is stuffed in your closet and they have a pile of their books stacked on the end table?  You do?  Great, because that’s exactly what’s happening with me and my desk.  It started small– just me and Granddad, my older than Methuselah Macbook– and slowly I’ve added things to pile on my desk.  One day it’s a pair of glasses, the next a pile of books and then a vase of flowers.  It’s cute, my slow accumulation of stuff, and before I know it, I’m pretty sure my yoga mat will be stashed behind my desk and there will be a blackboard on the wall.    But the flowers, the flowers are the most important part.  For there’s nothing happier than a vase full of daffodils to welcome you to work in the morning.

I wish you a wonderful weekend, dear reader.  David and I are looking forward to snuggling, daydreaming, and watching the rugby.  I hope your adventures are equally as relaxed.  xx

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