Tuesday With Vous: René Sterling Edition

When I started Tuesday With Moi, it was an exercise to focus my eye and my lens on something beautiful every waking hour, on the hour.  Since I started last June, it’s helped me develop my eye as well as my technical abilities but has also proven to be an interesting way of visually charting my own movements, feelings and growth.  A couple months ago, I asked some friends to contribute to the genre and thereby started Tuesday With Vous, which lets us see from a different perspective and experience the day in the life of someone who will introduce us to a whole new world, their world.  

Today, I’m pleased to share these terrific black and white photos by René Sterling.  These are the first film photos I’ve had on the site, which is very exciting as I have a great appreciation for film photography and am hoping to try my hand at it this coming summer (if we’re lucky enough to have one, that is… Oh England!).  I love René’s work and, as I scroll through his photos, I find myself fascinated by the situations he finds himself in and the quiet way he captures the commotion around him.  His life seems so full- full of creativity, full of art, full of that intense energy of living- and I find his work both moving and inspiring. His creativity seems boundless, and in addition to taking photos, he produces videos, DJs, and makes simple wooden jewelry that I’m a little bit in love with (but more on that in another post).  Plus, René has great boy style, really great boy style.  He’s like a Hip-Hop Star Pirate and just exudes coolness.  Obviously, I’m thrilled to feature him on the site.

Because René was shooting film and because Wednesday is my day to post TWM/TWV, we elected to have him share his Friday with us.  These are the images he captured.  Enjoy.

Friday, February 15th 
2. treeforestrow 3pm15:00 Tree Forest Row

3. coffee&cig 4pm16:00 Coffee & Cig

4. drive 5pm

17:00 Drive

5. 6ochoc

18:00  6 O’Choc

6. necklaces 7pm19:00 Necklaces

7-1. cherub 8pm20:00  Cherub

8. tawn 9pm21:00 Tawn

9. est1989 10pm22:00 Est. 1989

10. ltdedition 11pm23:00 Ltd Edition

11-1. station 12_25am 0:00 Station

12. lastcall 1am1:00  Last Call

13. steamed2am2:00 Steamed

14. sug 3am3:00 Sug

You can find René on Twitter and Tumblr and view more of his work on his website.

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