Bonsai, Part II

Bonsai1Bonsai2 Bonsai3 Bonsai4 Almost a year ago, I took these pictures.  I was still learning how to shoot on a manual setting, still teaching myself about light and shutter speed, still holding my breath with every shot and checking the viewfinder to see how it turned out, if it turned out.  These photos were taken in one of my favorite places, The National Bonsai and Penjing Museum at The National Arboreatum in Washington DC, where some of the bonsai trees, manicured and twisted in their small pots, are older than the United States.

Almost a year ago, I posted about my trip to the bonsai garden and compared running a business to a growing bonsai tree in that it’s constantly ‘in training’ and needs to be tended to, trimmed, cared for.  With an ever-changing digital landscape, this metaphor is more accurate now than ever before.  Many independent businesses and artispreneurs have their brand established, they just need help tending to it and making sure it grows strong, healthy, and in the right direction.

Almost a year ago, when I took these pictures, I was still training my eye, I was still learning, developing, cultivating, and you know what, I’ll be learning, developing, and cultivating my skills for the rest of my career.  But I’m also now in a place where I’m able to reach out and help other business owners develop their businesses, too, which is why I’ve re-branded and re-launched with the bonsai garden as my aesthetic and philosophical inspiration.  I’ve started my next chapter, The Etiquette Shop, where independent businesses and artistpreneurs can shop my services and hire me to tell their story, charm their clients, and make a lasting impression.  You can see my service list here, and you can contact me for more information at kate (at)

Almost a year ago, I didn’t know what I’d be doing today, but I hoped it was something I loved.  I’m pleased to say that I’ve fulfilled that wish.  I love my office in The Warehouse, where I’m surrounded by inspiring people all day, every day.  I love getting out and meeting people who open my eyes to new delights.  I love working with forward-thinking, passionate people and helping them be even better at that thing that they do- whatever it may be.  And I love you, dear reader, for tagging along.


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