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My friend Lauren is one of those women with a signature scent.  In her case, it’s Chanel No. 5, but I’ve never known another woman to wear it with the same finesse.  The perfume joins with her own personal fragrance to create a scent that’s distinctly her own— Tenacious, luxe, Lauren.  You can sense when she enters the room, know when she’s just walked past, and track her movements through a crowd.  I hadn’t seen Lauren since May, when we were back in Boston and saying sloppy goodbyes after a long night at the F; but we saw her yesterday and picked up right where we left off nine months ago- continued with laughter and stories, photos and dreams.  And Lauren, she smelled exactly the same.  Some things, like friendship, just don’t change. 

>  Photos taken at Lauren’s friend’s new bar in East London, Blessings <

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