Monmouth Coffee

David and I are coffee drinkers.  Drip coffee, filter coffee, french pressed* coffee, we guzzle it like gasoline as our gears warm in the mornings.   We like our coffee hot out of the pot and, when it’s good, we drink it black and let the blend of unique flavors wash over our tongues and warm our bellies.  ‘Round here, we love coffee. 

As you can imagine, we’re quite particular about our coffee, and good coffee in these parts is mighty hard to find.  A couple times, my mom has sent my favorite roast all that way from Minneapolis, but too often we’ve had to pinch our noses and buy something off the grocery shelf.  But not anymore!  Thanks to the good people at our favorite local coffee stop, The Black Dog Café, we can now buy responsibly-sourced and sustainably-harvested coffee by Monmouth Coffee Company.  It may seem a little pricey at £12 per 500 g, but I can assure you that it’s worth every pence.  The coffee, it is good, and using our spending power to help support a UK-based roaster, a local café, and two fantastic businesses feels pretty darn fine, too.  Quality, it can’t be beat, and I’m looking forward to enjoying more of Monmouth‘s roasts as well as many more of Black Dog‘s exquisite flat whites.

Are you a coffee drinker, dear reader?  What are your favorite roasts and how do you drink your coffee?  I’d love to know and I wish you a lovely (snowy?) weekend full of hot coffee, wool socks, and cozy duvets.  xox! 

*Or Cafetère, as they say here.

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