> Open Hearts, Open Doors <

Let me preface this post by saying that today, I wanted to get personal.  It’s been too long since I cracked my heart open like a chestnut and shared some feelings with you.  Truth is, I haven’t needed to.  Things have been going well– so well!– and I’d almost forgotten to acknowledge my blessings and show thanks for them.  But these past few days, I’ve remembered; this post is an offering of thanks and a small representation of my psyche.  I wish I could say it better, but for now this will have to do.

You know that part in Pride and Prejudice when Elizabeth realizes that she’s the one who’s been too proud, too prejudiced, and too blinded by her own stubborn judgements and vanity to see the goodness that stood directly before her?  Well, you guys, I am Elizabeth, and it turns out that Tunbridge Wells is my Mr. Darcy.

Since hanging up my freelance saddle at the beginning of the year and promising myself that I’d live in the present and experience all this town has to offer, I’ve been overwhelmed by the diversity, creativity, and kindness of the people I’ve met.  I’ve been touched by their helpfulness, flattered by their curiosity, and so encouraged by their spirited discussions and visions for the future.  Already, I have friends I cherish and places in which I know I’ll feel welcome.  More than once, I’ve been moved to tears by the richness of this town and the goodness of its people.  Slowly, I’m finding my tribe, and my only regret is that that I let my spirit be clouded by hasty judgements and fear for all those months before.

As I look back on these first eight months (nine, almost nine), I wanted to implore you to remember that an open heart opens doors and an open mind is keen to grow.  This world is a beautiful place, dear reader, but sometimes we need to stop squinting to see this to be true.  I don’t know where these coming months will lead me, but for once I don’t feel troubled by uncertainty.  I’m happy here.  Happy to learn, happy to grow, happy to meet new friends and have adventures.  And oh, what a wonderful adventure this is!

Thank you for being here (there), dear reader, thank you for putting up with me, and thank you for reading.  xx 

>   A Captive Audience? by David Reekie, 2000.  Photo taken at the Victoria & Albert museum.  <

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