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Do you love Jack White?  Do you love Conan O’Brien?  Great!  Watch this. (WARNING: it’s 75 minutes long, so, like, make sure you’re sitting somewhere comfortable and have a snack and/or beverage on hand before you settle in and enjoy.)

Beginners is one of my favorite films.  I watched it again this past week, this time with David, and it was so lovely to sit beside him and experience the subtlety of the storytelling, the melancholy and beauty of the love story, and the stunning set styling again (check out Brian Ferry’s screen captures, here).  Plus, Christopher Plummer has my heart- now and for always- and the entire cast is really terrific.
Fun Fact:  The film’s director, Mike Mills, is married to fountain-of-creativity, Miranda July, and if that doesn’t make you more inclined to watch it, I don’t know what will.

I’m making New York Deli-Style Bagels later today using a recipe by Baker Extraordinaire, Stephanie Wise.  She’s always baking the most delicious sounding breads and I’m excited to finally try one for myself.  Obviously, I’ll update you on how it goes…

This peek inside the International Space Station is an absolute delight!  No, really.  A DELIGHT.  If you’ve ever- even for a fleeting second- wondered what it would be like to live in space, you need to check it out.

And finally, prepare to be amazed: How Sewing WorksSo entrancing!

Now, get outta here and have a happy weekend! xox

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