* SNOW *

My Minnesotan heart is rejoicing, for there is snow in Tunbridge Wells!  And not just flurries, but real, honest to God, stick-to-the-ground snow.  As I walked through town, giant snowflakes blew into my face, settled on my hair, melted in the bottom of my shopping bag.  It was glorious.  It is glorious!

4 thoughts on “* SNOW *

  1. oddlyactive

    I prefer my ice in 2 – 2.5cm squares, slowly melting in a glass of amber fluid. No doubt about it, the white fluffy stuff is very pretty and a brisk walk through the stuff before it gets too slippy or turns to filthy black slush can be quite invigorating, but all things considered…Meh

  2. who-knew

    Ice is one thing. Snow another. And I like snow on the ground. Love the pictures, Kate. Tunbridge Wells looks a bit more venerable than Appleton, if more of a stranger to real snow.


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