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Tuesday, January 15

Out & About

Sunshine, you guys!  There was sunshine yesterday morning!
I prepared my coffee with the sun streaming through the windows and a smile on my face.
I had big plans for my day.

Days with big plans call for a more thoughtful outfit than my usual sweater and leggings combination.  I dug through my accessories box and found this wonderful broach that a former colleague, and friend, gave to me.  I didn’t wear it yesterday, but seeing it reminded me of my dear friend John and it made me smile.

After some internet wandering and homemaker-type things, it was time to decide on an outfit.  I almost wore this dress with a black turtleneck and wooly tights (winter white, so chic) but decided on pants trousers last minute instead.

I also decided to be a curly girl for the day.  Something about cold weather and wavy hair just feels right- feels jolly and bouncy and sweet.

Part of what made yesterday a big day was that I was dropping off my resume and applying for a position that I’d quit like to secure.  I won’t tell you what it is unless I get it (fingers crossed, people!) but this was the envelope I delivered it in.

After the drop off, I did some shopping (accidentally, of course) and scored some beautiful pieces at Minimaya.  What’s that, dear reader?  You want to know what I bought?
Well, I’ll tell you.  I purchased two beautiful, locally made leather vests (Mother, you will be so jealous when you see them!) and a fabulously warm black scarf.  I won’t even tell you how much I paid because you’ll never believe me, the sale was that good.

I continued my wander through town, poking my head in shops and turning down streets I’d never noticed before. 
The sun was setting and the sky was beautiful!

And though it was cold- so cold!- my vintage rabbit fur muff kept me warm.

In the midst of my dinner, I had a terrible realization.
No, not that ring, thank goodness, but another one.  The simple wire ring that my parents bought on a trip to Australia and had given to me last Christmas had disappeared from my finger.  My ring was somewhere in Tunbridge Wells and I didn’t know where!  I immediately turned into Gollum and started searching for the ring.  I turned my bags inside out, I retraced my footsteps, I sent a desperate plea to the people of Twitter to help find my ring, but I knew in my heart that it was lost.  Probably

After a futile search, I returned home to prepare for my evening out.
I let my new suede vest comfort me in the midst of my loss.
The pockets of the vest reminded me of Bilbo Baggins which in turn made me think of Gollum, then the ring, my loss and my sadness.
Just kidding!  I was actually quite happy.

After walking back through town with my eyes glued to the ground, scanning for a bit of silver, I made it to my eight o’clock meeting with the Tunbridge Wells Writers.
We (because I’m a part of their group now) meet at The Black Pig every other Tuesday.

Over a few drinks we chatted about books and writing, politics and community, ourselves and others.

And it was really, really fun, you guys!

Eventually, our glasses were empty, our crisps were gone and it was time to say goodbye.

 I walked home feeling light and happy, my eyes haphazardly scanning the sidewalk for a shimmer of metal, but there was no ring to be found. 
When I arrived home, I kicked my feet up and told David about my night.  And he told me about his night.  And then we went to bed.

Now, I know you’re really concerned about my lost ring, so you’ll be delighted to know that I found it!  I remembered trying on a pair of gloves whilst shopping at Minimaya and thought that maybe, just maybe, my ring had fallen off in the finger of the glove.  Lo and behold, I was correct, and this afternoon I skipped down the High Street to retrieve it.  So la-di-da & happily ever after.

As always, you’re a gem for reading.  A BIG HUGE PRECIOUS GEM.  And I love you.

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