Outgrowing Our Pots

This is Jim.  He is a plant and belong to David’s son, Tom, and currently lives on our windowsill in the living room.  Jim is a nice plant but he has one crucial problem, he’s outgrowing his pot.

Yesterday, I quit my job.  My Job, that makes it sound so important.  Let me start over: Yesterday, I quit freelancing.  Like Jim, I found that I’d outgrown my pot.  My legs needed room to move, my arms to stretch, my mind to grow.  I’ve been craving a more routine schedule and the ability to work as part of a team- alongside people I can share ideas with and an occasional laugh, too.  It’s important that I leave my flat, establish myself here and focus on filling a new pot, in a new space, on a new windowsill.

Obviously, I’m terrified.  But I’m so so so excited.  I’m keeping my mind open as I enter this next phase in that I don’t care what I do so long as I work with inspiring, creative people, am intellectually challenged, and am given the chance to flex my creative muscles and grow.  I want to meet new people, work hard, and turn out quality work.  I want to get my hands dirty and sharpen my skill-set.  I want to learn things and I want to share the knowledge I have, too.  I want to make this world a more beautiful place, someway, somehow.  Like I said, I’m excited!

So, dear reader, onward and upward- let’s see what Tunbridge Wells has to offer.  Wish me luck!

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