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Tuesday, January 1, 2013
The Redcoat on New Year’s Day Edition

Last week I asked Kate if she was going to invite me to contribute to Tuesday With Vous, and she said yes!! It was coincidental that she then suggested I do next week which just happened to be New Year’s Day.  I had already decided it was unlikely that I was going to follow her usual structure as I doubted I had the patience to take a photo on the hour, every hour, so I broke from that format and did my own thing.  I’m married to her, I don’t have to play by the rules… So, without further ado, let’s begin.

It was most exciting to be greeted by a very blue sky first thing in the morning, (okay – it was actually 10 am before we got up – sorry, before I got up, Kate was still in bed) as we have not experienced such a glorious splendor very often since we arrived here, back in May.

 This was less exciting………

But this made me feel better again, to see the sun warming our little Christmas Fern. It is actually a Norfolk Island Fern – which we both love because we don’t have to pick up any needles and we can re-use it again next year.

I went out for a quick stroll and thought how appropriate this signage was for the start of a new year. I had not noticed it before.

And when I got back, I prepared breakfast for us both. I know, uncooked sausages are not particularly attractive or appetizing to look at. Take my word for it though, they were very tasty.

After breakfast and because it was so nice out, we decided to go for a walk. I got these shoes out in readiness………

Kate said, “I thought we were going on an athletic walk.”  So, a little reluctantly, I put these on instead.

 And we set off!! It was a melancholy day for Kate, so I decided to keep my distance. We did walk together at some points but mostly we were at a distance……..

It was therefore not total harmony. We often walk together but not, if you see what I mean, and one of the things I love about Kate is that we are very similar in this regard. There are times when we talk as we walk, and other times when we are both quiet, reflecting on things separately, coming together at certain points on the journey and then drifting off slightly. One thing for sure though, is that we are always in perfect step with one another.

After our walk, we had some more coffee. Kate read quietly and I played Scrabble with friends on my iPhone.

This year though, I shall do less of that and more reading.  Jeff and Kim bought this for me for Christmas, and I promise to do my best to read it.  Loved the film.

It was getting dark as the sun began to set. This is at the back of where we live and I just loved the colours (colors, USA).  

And on the other side there is St John’s Church. The sky was still quite blue, even in late afternoon.

Around 5 pm I opened up an email from a friend (Simon) who had written to wish us a Happy New Year. His email told the story of a French Professor who was presenting to a group of Senior Executives from a number of US companies to talk about time management. The presentation started with an experiment whereby the Professor produced an empty glass jar which he then proceeded to fill with large stones. When he could not fit anymore of the stones into the jar, the Professor asked if they thought the jar was full? To which they all cheered Yes!! The Professor then found some smaller pebbles and began to fill in the gaps between the large stones. Again he asked the question and this time the executives, starting to understand where he was going replied No! The Professor then poured sand into the Jar and finally he poured in some water. He paused at this point and stated that the purpose of the experiment was to demonstrate that if one had filled the jar up firstly with the pebbles and then the sand and water, there would not be enough room for the larger stones. The executives were a little confused, until the Professor explained the significance. What are the large stones in your life? Health? Family? Friends? Your Goals? Doing what you love? Fighting for a cause? Taking time for yourself? What we must remember is that it is most important to include the larger stones in our lives, because if we don’t do so, we are likely to miss out on life altogether. If we give priority to the smaller things in life (pebbles and sand), our life will be filled with less important things. Because of this, never forget to ask yourself, what are the are stones in your life?

After reading his email I browsed through my Instagram. I have always loved Instagram, ever since Kate downloaded the app to her iPhone when it was first launched, I was so jealous!! I only had a Blackberry. Now that I have an iPhone, I can share pictures and comments with friends all over the place, it is FUN!!!

If you can get hold of this, do. I threw together some chopped carrots, spring onions, fresh ginger, garlic, mushrooms and rice noodles to make a glorious soup for our supper.

I did not take many photos after this, apart from when Kate and I played cribbage later in the evening while enjoying a couple of Manhattans, a drink Kate introduced me to. I am happy to say, however, that I did take these last two photos because I WON!!!!

Really bad photograph

And a very sad, defeated face…… LOVE YOU xxxx

Happy New Year

Kate here- hi.  Oh my glob, that picture! Atrocious.  And by atrocious, I mean a winning example of glamour.  I mean, are those forehead wrinkles?!  Whatever.  Anyway, many thanks to David for taking over photography duties for the day (though he disregarded all my posting requests- tisk tisk) and a big thank you to you for sticking with us and for checking in. Kisses!

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