I hate to hate, but I hate.

Everything I’ve tried to write since Friday sounds clunky and inconsequential.  Either too trivial or not enough- not strong enough, poignant enough, insightful enough.  I’m angry, too, and as everyone who’s ever written anything out of anger knows, angry words lack the clarity they need to open minds and warm hearts.

I hate what happened in Newtown.  I hate that it’s more difficult to get a driver’s license than it is to get a gun in the States.  I hate that children have another reason to dislike school and that safe places cannot be guaranteed.  I hate that the technology available to us and our cultural lust for never-ending content, rather than quality, has sullied facts, rushed reports, and damaged additional lives.  But most of all, I just really hate that this happened.
My thoughts and prayers go out to the nation and my votes will be with law-makers who support stricter gun control, advocate for the health and care of the mentally ill and don’t want to fight violence with more guns, more violence.

I don’t bring up political issues often in this space (though I find this particular case to be a human issue rather than a political one) but my silence on the topic isn’t because I don’t care and tomorrow, when I go back to posting about other things- less important things- it’s not because I’ve forgotten.   I will never forget.  Promise that you’ll never forget, too. 

Let’s make this world a more beautiful place, a safer place, a better place. 

2 thoughts on “I hate to hate, but I hate.

  1. Natalie

    I couldn’t have said it better myself. I hate that it has become a circus. I heard a story on NPR today where the reporter said “it seems like there are more reporters here than actual people…” and that made me feel sick. Everything about it makes me sick. That it happened. That it COULD happen. I’ll never forget. And I’ll work every day to spread positivity and beauty to heal our nation and the world. I realize that sounds incredibly cheesy. But I don’t care. Let’s do it. xoxo


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