Can’t We Be Friends?

It’s been a long time coming, but I’ve finally accepted that I’m the only one holding myself back, from, well, everything*, and really, it’s so stupid.

You see, I haven’t made a single friend here in the last seven months.  I have friends in the UK, of course, but none here, in Hobbit Town**.   I don’t have anyone to invite over for a last-minute meal on a Tuesday night or anyone to meet for coffee on a Thursday morning.  No one to go shopping with or with whom I can share a Sunday lunch.  Why?  Because of me.  Because I keep saying, What’s the point if we’re just going to move? but we haven’t moved.  We’ve been here for seven effing months.  And in those months, I’ve continued to live on American time, work with american clients, and skype with my American friends and family.  Which is all wonderful, obviously, but means that I’m not really living here, and that is a problem.

As such, my winter goal is to get out there and meet people, like I used to.  Start hanging out in coffee shops during the day and complimenting strangers on their great boots or asking where they get their hair colored or whatever.  People must actually do things in this town, and it’s time I started finding what that thing they do is- I need to start living here and start finding a friend.  Or two.  Or five.  And then finding a network.  And then world domination.  You know…

* Writing, moving my career forward, planning adventures, getting shit done in general, etc.
** I realize that calling it “Hobbit Town” is not going to make any locals shine to me.  So I should probably stop doing that, too.  Grumble grumble blah. 

The above photos were taken at our Nuptial Cocktail Soiree in March, at Backbar.  They are of some our friends and were taken by our friend, Oscar.  We had a marvelous time that night and are looking forward to many more marvelous nights, here, there, everywhere.

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