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I met Angie when we were fourteen.  It was our freshman year of high school and we were sitting at the same lunch table when I said something neat, like, “I love Cool Ranch Doritos.” Then, she said something funny, like, “I love the way they crunch in my mouth.”  And then we started a highly intelligent conversation about the crunchiness of Doritos that, at the time, was very funny. 

Eleven years later, and she’s still making me laugh.  She’s also: inspiring me to embrace power tools, slowly luring me back to Minnesota, and hanging out with her bearded fiancé, Chris, and their husky-lab, Cato.  During the day, she works behind the scenes on the breath-taking visual merchandising at Anthropologie and also runs an event design company on the side.  This time of year, she’s basically an Anthropologie Christmas elf, and today, we’re going to share a Tuesday with her.

From here on out, all italics are mine.  Everything else belongs to Lady Trygg.

Tuesday, December 4
 Angie Trygg Edition

Cato is the snuggliest in the morning which makes it very difficult to get out of bed. Upon my getting out of bed, she uses her adorable eyes and body positions to try to lure me back. Usually it works for at least 10 minutes.
I can’t believe people wake up this early.  Unless, of course, they have a plane to catch.
A plane to somewhere very fabulous.
The art room at work is currently overrun with sparkly, jingly, glittery piles.
I find that messes are much less overwhelming when they’re cute.
How many hours do you think you could tie jingle bells together before you’ve had enough?
My guess would be one.
I’ve done this for at least four.
Oh look! An adorable penguin cardigan has arrived in shipment!
 This is what our holiday windows look like when the sun streams through the large front windows. This paper forest is so much more exciting between 9 and 10 in the morning.
 Jo-Anns is completely sold out of silver jingle bells. I would have loved to use that as an excuse to never touch another jingle bell again, however, I am dedicated to my work and googled the nearest Michael’s.
This is where my day took an unexpected turn.
Michael’s is near my mother’s office. So I popped in to see Lor and BEHOLD! She now has a “stand-up” desk which she graciously demonstrated for me. Then we went to lunch.
Hi, Lor!
 Then, because my bright red plastic car didn’t look stupid enough, I smashed in to a parked car in the ramp on my way back to work. It sounds bad, but if I drew you a diagram of how this all happened, you would be like “Ohhhh, I can totally see how this all happened.” 
And if you were really a spectacular friend you would also say “I’ve totally done that before!”
I haven’t.
 Sadly I did not make it back to work. I was all flushed and stressed and bored with jingle bells, so I went home and broke out my handy car repair kit. It worked beautifully.
 Cato is adventurous by nature. We must constantly peek out the kitchen window to make sure she is not attempting an escape from the yard.
 I spent some time working on a wedding invitation on our gigantic new computer that I love. One must keep oneself distracted after a mini- car wreck. They are no fun to dwell on, which I have learned from the last few mini- car wrecks I’ve participated in.
 Christopher gets off work around 4 everyday which is an excellent time to drink beer, as it turns out.
 And while I’m at Namaste, I might as well get the cauliflower, peas and potato curry that I always get. With garlic paratha. 
This is a weird, unflattering photo of Chris.
Hi, Chris!
 One of my favorite activities to do around this time of year is to obsess over the gifts that I’ve purchased for people and imagine how delighted and impressed they will be upon opening them. This one is particularly delightful and impressive.
 Because I’m essentially a very old person, it’s time to wind down and watch an episode of the greatest show of all time: Agatha Christie‘s Poirot
(Amazing how many beverages accumulate on my desk.) 
Nearly bedtime.  
And there you have it, friends, the fabulous life of my wonderful friend, Angie.
She’s really marvelous.
You’re really marvelous.
Thanks for reading!

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