Christmas Drear

Yes, friends, it’s a Cox Quarters Christmas this year and, though I’ve yet to actually decorate, it’s all going to be about holly- which grows in great thickets in our local wood- and mail.  And wine, too.  Obviously.

I’m doing my best to be filled with the spirit of the season, but I’m having trouble getting into it this year.  Instead of decking my halls, I’ve been listening to Solange Knowles’ EP, True, on repeat, succumbing to DIY food poisoning (thanks, nachos), and drawing silly pictures when I should really be banging out website copy like it’s my job, because, well, it is.  Even Elf can’t inspire me to hum a carol or find some red to wear.

I need to get it together.  After all, it’s called Christmas cheer, not Christmas drear.

On a very cheerful note, however, I’m super stoked about tomorrow’s Tuesday With Vous and you should be, too! 

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