"I Drank It, And I Was Gayer"

After much debate and many tears (on my part), David and I have decided that we’re going to spend Christmas in the UK this year.  Financially, it makes the most sense for us right now and even though I’m heartbroken at the idea of Christmas without my family, I’m confident that the two of us will have a marvelous and quiet celebration on our own.

Besides travel, another indulgence we’ve cut back on as we establish our company and scrape together as much savings as possible, is that of going out for cocktails.  If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I love a good cocktail.  It’s not just the craftsmanship of the drink that I love, it’s the way a good cocktail bar brings people together, the way a drink and moment of eye contact can spark a conversation, and how a little alcohol can greatly enhance an atmosphere.  Cocktail bars are my third place, if you know what I mean- somewhere to call home for an hour or two, a place to make new friends, share some laughter, and then dance away from, toward home.

Now that we’re not traveling for the holidays, I feel like we deserve a fabulous, cocktail-fueled night as some sort of consolation for sacrificing one of my favorite holiday traditions: family.  These pictures from a trip to Burger and Lobster make me mighty thirsty- a perfect Manhattan with orange bitters and a twist is certainly in my future. 

top: bloody mary
bottom left: Rittenhouse 100 on the rocks    bottom right: Rittenhouse Manhattan
Photos taken at Burger and Lobster on St. John Street in London
And just for fun, here’s something I’ve had saved to my desktop for an eternity.
I don’t know where I found it anymore, but I love it.

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